We experienced last time that the Watchtower forbids Jehovah’s Witnesses indigenous saluting the flag of any type of nation.

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It likewise prohibits castle from increasing in solution to the playing of the national anthem.

Let’s look at its reasons and see how to respond.

Objection 1: it is idolatry.

The Watchtower cites Daniel 3:4-5:”You space commanded, O peoples, nations, and languages, that as soon as you listen the sound of the horn, pipe, lyre, trigon, harp, bagpipe, and every type of music, you room to autumn down and worship the golden image that King Nebuchadnezzar has set up…”

It states: “To admire the human being with his majesty and religious ardor, this powerful monarch put up a an excellent image and compelled his subjects to bow down to the while music, prefer an anthem, to be being played. However, 3 Hebrews—Shadrach, Meshach, and also Abednego—refused come bow to the image, even on ache of death” (God’s Love, 2008, p. 212).

Point out that Nebuchadnezzar actually commanded image worship at the playing of the music. Idol praise is not connected in the play of the national anthem. If Witnesses case that that is, questioning them because that proof of this assertion.

Almost anything have the right to be perverted. Suggest out come the Witnesses, however, that in the same article the Watchtower admits: “patriotic fervor regularly gives world a sense of unity and strength and also may encourage a heart of cooperation and also civic-mindedness amongst them.”

Objection 3: “National anthem lyrics are expressions of patriotic feeling and often include an invocation for magnificent guidance and protection for magnificent guidance and protection of the people or their rulers.” (same source, page 22, quoting the Encyclopedia Americana).

What’s wrong through prayer for magnificent guidance and protection? The Watchtower explains:

A national anthem is, in effect, a singing or a prayer in instead of of a nation. It generally asks that the nation experience product prosperity and long duration. Should true Christians join in together prayerful sentiments?

The prophet Jeremiah lived among people that professed to offer God. Yet, Jehovah commanded him: “Do not pray in instead of of this people, neither raise in your behalf an entreating cry or a prayer no one beseech me, for ns shall not be listening to you… Why to be Jeremiah offered this command? since their society was permeated through stealing, murdering, the committing that adultery, false swearing, and idolatry.—Jeremiah 7:9” (same source, p. 22)

Surely, though, the was severe situation which led God to forbid Jeremiah from praying because that the nation. It no a barred that applies in every circumstances. In 1 Timothy 2:1-2, Paul writes, “I urge, then, an initial of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and also thanksgiving be created everyone–for kings and also all those in authority, the we may live peaceful and also quiet resides in every godliness and holiness.”

Objection 4: nationwide anthem lyrics often glorify wars and revolutions.

The Watchtower says as follows: “’The sentiments of nationwide anthems vary… indigenous prayers for the king to allusions come nationally crucial battles or uprisings ... To expression of patriotic feeling.’ Encyclopedia Britannica>. But can those who look for to you re welcome God in reality exult end the wars and revolutions of any kind of nation?” (same source, web page 22)

In response, friend might allude out that after Jehovah damaged the Egyptian army in the Red Sea, Moses led the country in a chant of prayer to God for their deliverance (Exodus 15).

Objection 5: “National anthems frequently express feeling of nationwide pride or superiority.”

The Watchtower sees this as contrary to God’s impartiality as expressed in action 17:26 (same source, p. 23).

Point the end that the preceding verse declares, “From one guy he made every country of men, the they must inhabit the entirety earth; and he figured out the times set for them and also the exact places whereby they should live.”

Is it wrong, then, to give thanks to him in song, as Moses did, when he it is provided the nation through a battle or revolution?

Matter of conscience or issue of rule?

The Watchtower states: “Because of their expertise of the Bible, countless make a an individual decision to refrain from participating in the flag salute and in the to sing of patriotic songs” (same source, p. 23).

This statement renders it seem as if authorized is a matter of individual conscience, however that’s not what the Watchtower teaches. Instead, it offers Jehovah’s Witnesses rules through which genuine Christians room to behave.

When national anthems space played, generally all a person needs to do to show that he shares the sentiments that the song is to was standing up. In such cases, Christians stay seated. If castle are currently standing when the nationwide anthem is played, however, over there is no need for castle to take the special activity of sit down. It is no as despite they had actually specifically favored to was standing for the anthem. On the other hand, if a team are meant to stand and sing, then merely standing up the end of respect yet not singing would not constitute sharing in the sentiments the the track (same source, p. 24).

Thus, there would seem to be 3 rules for Jehovah’s Witnesses about national anthems:

If they are seated when the anthem begins, they need to stay seated.If they room standing as soon as the anthem begins, the is all ideal to continue to be standing because they did no stand increase in an answer to the anthem.If a team is expected to rise and also sing the anthem, then it is acceptable to climb as long as castle don’t likewise sing.

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I recommend the you respond through letting Jehovah’s Witnesses know that you support their right to follow your conscience but also let them recognize that you have a right to carry out the same and also that her conscience is no dictated by the opinions that the Watchtower or that any religious organization or government figure.

Your turn:

Have girlfriend ever disputed the national anthem through Jehovah’s Witnesses? carry out you find my thoughts and suggestions helpful?