We told girlfriend this Michael (Brett Dier) instance would it is in torture because that everyone. Accurate everyone

At the moment, it's a certain torture for fans of woman (Gina Rodriguez) and Rafael (Justin Baldoni), because Rafael's so mad about the return that Michael the he completely kicked Jane the end of their home in the last moments that tonight's episode, since she was just too confused. She husband's her husband again, and also now she decision around whether or no to send the divorce files is more complicated than ever. 

Michael did exactly what countless fans expected him come do, and also tried to leave quietly without telling Jane the truth, but then jane accidentally caught his eye as he was acquiring in a cab to leave, and also she instantly knew what had happened. Jane tried to contact Rafael immediately, yet Raf was so excited about work the she placed it off, i m sorry obviously didn't help. 

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Meanwhile, Petra (Yael Groblas) was taking care of the return of she mother and trying to message JR (Rosario Dawson), and it brought about one of the finest #Jetra scene in the background of the show as Jane and Petra obtained drunk and made impulsive decisions, and also later, we observed Xiomara collapse after dancing with Mateo in ~ Grandparents' Day. We'll talk about all that in a sec, but an initial we acquired the scoop from executive producer Jennie Snyder Urman on Rafael's heartbreaking decision. 

E! News: so I construed Rafael's reaction, however at the exact same time, he to be the one who lugged Michael ago to her and seemed so knowledge at first. 

Urman: "He brought him back to her because what else can he do? and also in this moments, you can't anticipate, you deserve to never arrangement how you're going to feel, and I feel favor that's such crucial part that life in general. It's like you think you have the right to take points a certain means and then every one of a sudden they happen and also your feelings room bigger than your plans. For Rafael, he had to carry him earlier and the hope is the he bring him back and then Jane help him and then she says, OK, he needs to leave, reason I'm with you, and also here us are. And also it's simply not the clean and simple for her, since it's for this reason confusing. So based upon her reaction, his feelings change too. And he gets reminded--he gets his memory earlier too, we say in episode four.

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The remembered all those moments whereby he wasn't chosen, and it just becomes also heartbreaking for him. You just kind of have actually to enter self-preservation mode."