The frustration of seeing extra pounds ~ above the scale—or that a too-tight waistband the you know used come fit—is understandable. But did you recognize that anything native a hormonal imbalance to vitamin deficiencies to the prescription meds girlfriend take deserve to hold clues to those making friend fat?

“A lot of of human being make what us think are way of living choices but are actually our bodies reacting to factors we can’t control,” states Dr. Robert J. Hedaya, clinical professor of psychiatry in ~ Georgetown University medical Center. “Whether that hormonal, a medication side effect, or something else, too often we placed the onus ~ above the individual, and also there are components that sometimes justify a doctor’s help.”

Here, seven health issues that could be standing between you and your appropriate weight—and exactly how to resolve them.

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1. You’re DepressedMany anti-depressant medications reason weight gain—so if you depressed and taking pills for it, mean to see a bump in weight between five and 15 pounds, with continued gradual accumulation over the years, states Hedaya, that is additionally the founder of the National facility for whole Psychiatry in Chevy Chase, Md.

If you’re no taking pills, there’s proof that feelings of depression have the right to correlate to weight gain. One 2010 study released in the American newspaper of publicly Health discovered that civilization who feeling sad and lonely gain weight much more quickly than those who report under depression-related symptoms.

“They might be eating an ext high-fat, high-calorie comfort foods,” states Belinda Needham, assistant professor in the room of sociology at UAB and also the lead author of the study. “Or castle may have physical activity.”

Fix It: “If I check out patients who space taking anti-depressants and also that might be the culprit of your weight gain, I might wean them slowly off the the drug,” claims Dr. Dominique Fradin-Read, assistant clinical professor at the Loma Linda school of medication in California. “I may then placed them ~ above Wellbutrin instead, which actually helps through weight loss.”

If your meds are not to blame, seek out part workout buddies or a assistance group.

“Attending meetings, favor Weight Watchers, or functioning out v a group of friend is a good way to rise social support,” Needham says, “which can help depression.”

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2. You’re taking The not correct RxThere’s a long list of medicines that can cause weight gain: If you’re taking birth control pills, overfill hormones for hormone therapy, steroids, beta-blockers for heart disease and blood pressure, anti-seizure meds, chest cancer medicines like Tamoxifen, some therapies for rheumatoid arthritis, and even part migraine and heartburn medications, you may notice pounds rise on.

“When I watch patients who space concerned about weight gain, I start looking at their medications,” claims Dr. Steven D. Wittlin, clinical director of the endocrine-metabolism division at the college of Rochester Medical center in Rochester, N.Y. “That’s a biggie. Some may affect appetite; some may impact metabolism.”

Others may simply make you feel much better and thus regain your shed appetite.

Fix It: If you doubt your medicine is affecting your waistline, your physician may have the ability to find an alternative treatment that won’t have actually that details side effect.

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3. Her Gut Is SlowDigestive issues, including slow bowel movements, may also account for excess pounds. “Ideally, you eat, and also then, one hour or so later, you have a bowel movement,” states Hedaya. “But when or twice a day is still in the healthy range.”

If you’re not so regular, dehydration, medications, short fiber, or also a lack of great flora in her gut could be to blame.

Fix It: If constipation is your only symptom, climate trying probiotics can help your digestive tract job-related properly. Remaining hydrated is key, in addition to a diet chock-full of fiber-rich foods. However you can also try drinking a fiber powder, like Metamucil, combined with water.

“It may also grab fat globules in her intestinal tract together it scrubs the end waste,” claims Hedaya. If you’re still having trouble, check with your medical professional to dominance out a variety of disorders, including hypothyroidism or a neurological issue.

4. Your Body doesn’t Have sufficient of particular Nutrients.Being low in vitamin D, magnesium, or iron deserve to compromise her immune system, sap your energy levels, or change your management in means that make it more difficult to take it healthy-lifestyle steps. “You might compensate for low power with caffeine, sweets, and simple carbs,” claims Hedaya, “Or uncover that you feel too run down or weak to exercise.”

Fix It: While you can shot to boost your iron levels by eating red meat and also spinach and also increase magnesium by including Brazil nuts or almonds to your diet, it’s nearly impossible come consume sufficient milk or get enough sunlight come compensate for low vitamin D.

“It’s important to know that it can take awhile to find your ideal dose the vitamin D,” claims Hedaya. “If you take also much, friend can gain kidney stones. You require to have your blood experiment every three months, so her doctor deserve to make adjustments to the dose for you.”

Adding an iron supplement is a small less tricky—but that still way to let your doctor rule out hypothyroidism or other problems that might cause insulin resistance, and thus weight gain, before you start taking supplements.

5. You’re obtaining OlderIt’s the one problem that’s unavoidable.“Often, ns hear patient tell me castle think your metabolism is slowly down,” states Fradin-Read. “This is real—we nothing burn as countless calories in ~ 40 or 50 as we provided to burn at 20. So us need more exercise—and less food—to save metabolism going. Some studies present that exercise can be even more important than the diet for irreversible weight maintenance.”

Fix It: “Remember the all calories space not equal when it involves weight,” says Fradin-Read. “Eating lean protein will cause your body to burn calories much more efficiently. ~ above the other hand, carbs are something your body often tends to burn much more slowly and even save in her body much more readily.”

Choosing low-fat proteins and also reducing carbohydrate are great ways to help avoid unnecessary pounds.

6. You have actually Plantar Fasciitis.“Many musculoskeletal conditions, consisting of plantar fasciitis, but also osteoarthritis and knee or hip pain, can result in unintentional load gain,” claims Dr. Donald Bohay, co-chairman of the public education committee because that the American Orthopaedic Foot & ankle Society. “Plantar fasciitis absolutely can force you come cut back on your task enough to cause weight gain.”

Fix It: Modify her exercise regime to swap biking or swim in place of weight-bearing exercise, says Bohay. Seek out a physics therapist that can style an appropriate program for your details needs—ask your doctor or check the net site the the American Physical therapy Association to discover a default therapist in your area.

7. You have Cushing’s Syndrome.Weight acquire accompanied by high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and changes in her skin tone and quality, including purple or silvery stretch marks on her abdomen and ruddy cheeks, might be a authorize that her body isn’t handling nutrients the way it should, as result of a cortisol-producing tumor on one of your adrenal glands. The syndrome affect only about 15 in every million adult annually, so continue with caution prior to demanding a battery that tests.

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“Cushing’s Syndrome is not terribly common,” says Wittlin, “but one of the telltale indicators is that your fat distribution is an ext in the midsection of your body, leaving her arms and legs looking much more slender.”

Fix It: If you suspect you are obtaining weight that you can’t attribute to her eating habits, medications, or absence of exercise, a few tests—including a blood test and also urinalysis, to get an accurate check of her body’s cortisol levels, will offer your doctor the first clues to this condition. If the level are reputed excessively high, climate your physician will order additional tests, choose a CT scan of your pituitary and also adrenal glands, to determine if such a tumor exists. If the tumor is confirmed, doctors will likely perform surgical treatment to remove the tumor (and possibly the influenced gland), adhered to by a course of steroids to aid regulate the continuing to be gland.

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