The claim: "Illegal aliens" will receive $1,400 economic stimulation checks

Following the passing of his $1.9 sunshine COVID-19 relief bill, chairman Joe Biden addressed the country March 11 in his very first prime-time address since acquisition office, urging americans to remain vigilant and also follow public health guidance as the nation sees boosting coronavirus numbers.

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The stimulus package, i m sorry passed the House and Senate without a single Republican vote, will deliver $1,400 checks to american and carry out funding because that reopening schools, vaccine rollouts and tiny businesses. 

Before the invoice passed, in a discussion on the Senate floor, Republican Sen. Ted Cruz that Texas doubted if it to be fair for "every illegal alien in America" to obtain a stimulus check. 

Democratic Sen. Cock Durbin the Illinois claimed Cruz"s comments were "just plain false" due to the fact that if an immigrant is here illegally, that or she won"t have actually a Social protection number, i m sorry is required to receive a stimulus check.

Some social media users made similar claims to Cruz"s, with one famous March 9 Facebook article claiming "Illegal Aliens will Receive $1400 stimulus Checks."

USA TODAY has reached out to the poster for comment.

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Package excludes most immigrants not legally in USA

Biden"s COVID-19 relief package excludes many immigrants that aren"t in the U.S. Legally indigenous receiving stimulus checks, as with the relief packages enacted throughout the trump administration. 

The message of the legislation, about payments come individuals, reads, "For objectives of this section, the term ‘eligible individual’ means any individual various other than – ‘‘(1) any kind of nonresident alien individual ..."

The internal Revenue company defines a nonresident alien as "any individual who is not a U.S. Citizen or U.S. National. A nonresident extraterrestrial is an extraterrestrial who has not happen the green card check or the considerable presence test."

Only noncitizens who have actually been authorized to occupational by the department of landscape Security have the right to get a Social protection number, which is required to work-related and collect Social security benefits, also as other government services. 

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However, follow to the linked Press, some civilization who gotten in the U.S. Top top valid momentary working visas – which would have actually made them standard for a Social defense number – may be eligible for the stimulus check, also if castle overstayed your visas.

Julia Gelatt, a an elderly policy analyst in ~ the Migration policy Institute, told AP the "for the many part, no unauthorized immigrants will receive the $1,400 economic stimulation payments" since recipients must have actually valid Social protection numbers.


Dorothy Clark, a spokesperson for the social Security management told CNN, "once a Social defense Number has actually been assigned to an standard person, it continues to be a precious SSN. Social defense does not void or rescind SSNs after precious assignments."

It is unknown if the IRS will certainly be issuing the economic stimulation payments to holders that Social security numbers who space no much longer authorized to work-related in the U.S.

Our rating: partly false

The claim is partially FALSE, based upon our research. The overwhelming bulk of immigrant who space not in the country legally will certainly not be eligible because that the $1,400 economic stimulation checks. Recipients must have actually Social defense numbers to receive the payment. However, some world who had actually valid short-lived working visas – which make them eligible because that Social security numbers – may get stimulus checks even if lock overstayed those visas. The number of people the this may apply to is unknown.

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