Renewing your passport deserve to be a bore due to the fact that it needs a ton of prep. What files do you must gather? What space the main photo requirements these days?

Does Staples take it passport photos? are there other choices you can choose to gain the proper pictures? We provide practical info, a few extra tips, and a handy photograph tool you can use at home.

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Does Staples take Passport Pictures?

You cannot gain your photo taken in ~ Staples shop in the States. What you have the right to do is carry your digital photo come a regional Staples facility to have actually it printed.

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Before law that, you must make certain your photo meets the adhering to government requirements:

Passport photo CriteriaDetails
SizePhoto:2 x 2 customs (5.1 x 5.1 cm)Your head—Between 1 and 1 3/8 customs (25 mm–35 mm) from the bottom that the chin come the optimal of the head
BackgroundNo patterns, people, objects, or colors around or behind you
FaceWhole face clearly visibleWith:
ClothesNo:HatsUniformsHeadphonesFace coveringsHeadgear—unless for spiritual reasons
QualityHigh resolutionDigital transforming techniques are forbiddenBlurry or grainy components are unacceptable

If friend don’t have actually a reliable residence printer, you deserve to take your digital photograph to Staples and also have it printed on a professional machine.

You can Use the Staples Passport picture Printing Service

Staples uses printing solutions in miscellaneous locations. Before heading to a specific store, you should confirm even if it is they carry out this kind of service and also that the price is suitable for you. Here’s exactly how you can do that:

Click on your state at the bottom of the pageChoose the convenient locationGet the contact information and business hoursContact the store to inquire about the service and also cost

If you choose Staples for printing, make sure you acquire an appropriate digital photo first. The staff won’t examine or confirm the photo quality or adequacy.

How to Prepare a Satisfactory Passport Photo

Here’s just how you can acquire your passport photo:

Take it in ~ homeHave it taken by a professionalUse’s comfortable Passport Photos product

Should You take a Passport photograph at Home?

If you’d like to conserve money, you have the right to take a passport photo at home utilizing a high-quality digital camera, phone, or tablet.

Since selfies aren’t allowed, girlfriend should:

Use a tripod or some other stable was standing for your deviceAsk a family members member, roommate, or girlfriend to take a photo of you

Get her Passport photo Taken by Professionals

You might be surprised how plenty of places sell passport photo services. Here room some friend can obtain in touch with:

Passport accept offices—Most infrastructure that expropriate passport applications sell the photo company as well. Make sure you examine this prior to submitting the applicationPhotography studios—Professional photographers have the right to take her passport photograph in a flash, yet they have the right to be pricey

To prevent wasting time or money, friend should contact a selected provider an initial to acquire information on:

Time—It might take approximately an hour to process and print your photosBusiness hours—Because the the waiting time, some facilities may refuse to carry out the organization if you arrive near the close up door timePrice—The fees start at $15, however it relies on the company and location

If this sounds overly complicated, register for to acquire the best and also most affordable passport photos in a few minutes.

Stay in ~ Home and also Get your Passport photos via

Our AI-powered application can scan and modify your passport picture in a issue of seconds. We can change the lighting, resolve a shadow over her face, or crop the picture to fit the required size.

You can obtain the full business from the lull of your home because our devices are available 24/7. All we need from you is a kind image.


Here’s exactly how easy it is. Authorize up because that and:

Opt for the Passport Photos featureUpload her photoSelect even if it is you’d prefer to obtain your image via mail (the digital duplicates will it is in sent immediately by email)


That’s all, folks! You can sit earlier and be sure while we make sure your passport picture meets the standards, so you won’t have to dread the your application might be rejected.

Find your location of residence in the table listed below to watch where you deserve to have your passport photograph taken:

San DiegoSacramentoBostonAlbuquerqueRaleigh
HoustonAtlantaPhoenixSan FranciscoDenver
CincinnatiRochesterLos AngelesColumbusScottsdale
HonoluluMinneapolisChicagoTallahasseeKansas City
New York CityPortlandPhiladelphiaAustinRockville
SeattleCharlestonSan JoseSan AntonioCharlotte
HerndonColvilleIndianapolisLas VegasBrooklyn

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