too ~, i haven't relocated in several years, and also I'm still utilizing the cable modem that ns purchased and also installed as soon as I relocated in here. It's nice old and also busted, but it works. Still, ns wonder: have to I upgrade it? room there any kind of benefits to newer modems that older modems don't have? will certainly it make my connection faster?

Sincerely, need for Speed

Dear need for Speed, depending upon how lengthy "several years" is exactly, there could be really great reason come upgrade her modem, or no reason at all. Still, the rapid answer is the yes, there are some differences between older modems and newer ones that might make you think about upgrading—but you need to do your homework first. Here's how.

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If you're right now renting your modem from your Internet organization Provider (ISP), you're more than likely paying a tiny fee because that the privilege (at least here in the unified States.) inspect your bill. It's usually only a few dollars every month, however that can include up quickly. Execute the math: if you setup to live in the same ar or have the same ISP for much longer than a pair of years, you're far better off simply buying your own cable modem and using that, rather of paying your ISP a monthly fee to rental one. Photo by Luis Ventura.

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There's something come the debate that renting a cable modem lets you speak to your ISP at any time and ask for a brand-new one the supports newer networking technologies (and perhaps faster connection speeds), but don't problem much around that. ISPs don't update their networks so generally that you'd advantage from a brand-new cable modem an ext often 보다 it would certainly make sense to buy one. Plus, also if you dubbed your ISP and asked because that a new modem, there's no insurance they'd offer you a much better one, or even give girlfriend a brand-new one at all. They'd probably charge you because that the replacement. Remember, we think it's seldom a good idea to rent a cable modem, and if you do opt come buy one, we have a good recommendation because that you.


Is It ever a an excellent Idea to rent a Modem?Dear,With the brand-new Time Warner modem rental fee, I'm debating in between renting my present