Every 4 years, the eye of the nation look towards Washington, D.C., and the hunt begins for 2024 Presidential Inauguration tickets. As among the most prominent and historic occasions of American history, it’s important a bucket list occasion to check off her list.

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Citizens from every political parties and also backgrounds concerned witness a truly historic moment. The Presidential swearing-in ceremony is simply one component of a multi-day collection of events including dozens the parties and balls, and the main parade.

Inauguration work 2024 will certainly be here before you recognize it!

2024 Presidential Inauguration Packages

If you’re not able come secure inauguration ticket from your neighborhood congressman/congresswoman, us can assist you gain premier tickets to the 2024 Presidential Inauguration.

What’s contained besides Inauguration tickets?

Here’s what you get with ours experiences:
Three nights in ~ a four-star hotel near the subway and DC attractionsTicket for Swearing In consciousness in the silver Mall stand area (upgrade come Union Square or North/South/West standing)Inauguration gift packageDaily BreakfastOption to include tickets because that an main Presidential Inaugural Committee round that president attendsOn-site aid from Inauguration experts

Single OccupancyDouble occupancyQuad occupancyTickets Only

2024 Presidential Inauguration Schedule & Balls

Day 1: discover D.C. Attractions

There are many landmarks and museums in the nation’s capital, and also we are right here to help you navigate lock all.

Day 2: Saturday, january 20, 2024: Swearing-In Ceremony

The main ceremonies the Inauguration Day begin at noon ~ above the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol through the evil president-elect and also president-elect taking the Oaths that Office administered by the cook justice that the supreme Court. The chairman then gives a speech known as the inaugural address.

These space the ticket options because that the swearing-in ceremony:

Mall StandingCloser standing (Union Square, North, South, West)Seated

Following the swearing-in ceremony, the President and Vice President will certainly lead the inaugural parade approximately 1.5 miles from the Capitol to the White House. As soon as there, the presidential entourage will testimonial the parade from an fastened stand.

Official Presidential Inaugural Committee Balls

There will be 2 to 9 distinctive balls wherein the POTUS will make one appearance.

Each inaugural committee decides how plenty of official PIC balls to host. The president and very first Lady will certainly come out, do an appearance in ~ each and also usually share a an initial dance in prior of the crowd. Various musical guests likewise perform. These are organized at the Washington Convention Center and also other venues in the area. There were 3 balls in 2017, known as Liberty ball, freedom ball, and also a army ball.

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There space 10 come 20 other balls, but they room not official Presidential Inaugural Committee balls.


Ready to join the historic Event?

For some, this might be a once-in-a-lifetime event to witness history. We’ve assisted scores the travelers have actually the time that their stays at past presidential inaugurations. To book your package, click right here to buy online or reach out to united state to comment on your concerns or to request a booking form. Once your preventive is finalized, we will certainly send girlfriend a confirmation email.