The Costco return policy is for this reason generous the abuse the it has been the stuff of legend. We’ve every heard of world trying to return a damaged printer Costco hasn’t offered for eight years. Or trying come return a dead Christmas tree in January. Or how about the person who tried to return steak packaging — without the steak?!

I’m not saying you be favor these people. Yet I do think it helps to recognize what friend can and also can’t do once it comes to Costco’s return policy. While you deserve to return most things, anytime, I’ll also tell you around items you have the right to never return and items that, temporarily in ~ least, you can not return.

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1. Costco’s main return policy is “Risk-Free, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.”


This method you deserve to return (almost) anything, anytime.

Costco’s return policy is liberal and also they’re trying come nudge you off the fence the buying with the promise the if you acquire home and regret your purchase, decide you don’t favor it, discover it no fit — every little thing — girlfriend can bring it back for a return.


2. What is Costco’s return plan without a receipt?


Same similar to a receipt. No joke — girlfriend don’t need a receipt in stimulate to do a Costco return. Friend don’t also need the initial packaging.

Sure, it help if you have the receipt or initial packaging. You do require all the parts and pieces that came with the item, but receipts aren’t crucial to procedure your return, since Costco tracks her purchases on your membership account. You’ll require your membership card or member number to complete the return.

I’ve heard of memberships obtaining canceled for too plenty of returns, although there’s no hard and also fast variety of returns that will certainly jeopardize her membership. Yet one more reason no to abuse the system.


3. Costco offers price adjustments because that orders.


If she shopping at and also you notification that the price that something friend bought has actually gone under within 30 work of your purchase, you have the right to fill out a price adjustment type at and request a price adjustment. You’ll obtain a Costco credit towards your next purchase.


4. What is Costco’s food return policy?


In Costco world, you deserve to return food for a refund. Yes, also opened food.

So, following time you try a Costco sample and also want come buy it, you’ll have actually literally nothing come lose.

You can not return expired food, so be sure to return any kind of food ideal away if you decide you don’t favor it or desire it.


5. What is Costco’s electronics return policy?


Remember that exception to the rule I mentioned? electronics only have actually a 90-day return period. However, if you have actually a manufacturer warranty the extends beyond that, Costco will honor it.

Here’s the list of items classified under the 90-day electronics return policy:

TelevisionsProjectorsMajor appliancesComputers and tabletsSmart watchesCamerasAerial cameras (drones)CamcordersMP3 playersCell phones (get her return processed v your certain carrier rather of Costco)


Mattresses loss under the “return that anytime” category. Yet a few thoughts — first, mattress return stories at Costco are the stuff of Reddit lore. Costco employees and also managers hate it when people return mattresses that have actually been plainly used, and they’re not shy about their feeling on the interwebs.

That said, that still same play come return a mattress, and also literally every mattress seller in the U.S. Lets you shot out a mattress for at least 30 work (some approximately a year). How plenty of of us buy a mattress, sleep on that once, and also wake up discovering we can’t put a ring on it? the happens! therefore chill out, Costco.

If you want to purchase a Costco mattress, yet you’d be shy to return it, buy it from so you can procedure the return online instead of going right into a store. Costco will certainly pick the mattress increase at your house. Dominance of thumb: If your item was ceded by a freight carrier, it’ll be choose up the same way it was yielded (curbside, threshold, or white glove).


7. How about the Costco sofa return policy?

For furniture, prefer sofas, the prize is ditto native the over mattress tip and also for every the same reasons.

Sure, it’s tough to phone call in the warehouse if you’re going come love the couch for ever and ever, but if you should return a piece of furniture, try to execute it as quickly as you understand you can’t live through it anymore.


8. Costco’s jewelry return policy is fairly the process — especially for diamonds.

You deserve to return jewelry, favor diamonds, yet for any diamonds end one carat, you’ll require the IGI and GIA reports if lock came through your order.

Costco sends any kind of jewelry weighing more than one carat out to a fulfillment facility for verification prior to they can process your return, and also verification have the right to take as much as 48 hours.

To begin this process, take her jewelry to a Costco warehouse, or contact Costco in ~ (800) 774-2678 through this information:

Your nameOrder confirmation numberPhone numberReason for your returnIs the credit card you offered to purchase the item tho active?


9. The craziest Costco return ns read about was a used chicken coop.

I typically feel a mix that awe and pity when I read about Costco’s craziest returns. This one was every pity.

Here that is, indigenous a Reddit user who claimed to work returns for eight months:

“The thing was covered in chicken ****. Everyone stared as the guy and also his family carried it in…Naturally, the front end manager offered him a full refund.”

Honorable mentions:

Someone returned vitamins they had bought four years ago; vitamins have actually a shelf-life of two years.Hawaiian Costco employees report tourist returning beach chairs, umbrellas, ice chests, and boogie board en path to the airport.


10. Returning contacts? prevent standing in line as soon as you use Costco’s Optical return policy.

Walk best on by the general returns heat at the warehouse if you need to return a call lens order. Instead, take it your return to Costco’s Optical department wherein the heat is lot shorter. Lock can procedure any optical returns.


If you’re not satisfied with your Costco membership, “return” it for a full refund. You’ll lose any kind of points friend earned (say you have an executive, management Membership wherein you earn 2% back on all your purchases).

Also, if you have a Costco credit card, it’ll it is in canceled as soon as you cancel your membership. Ns not telling you the you do not do it cancel her membership, however know that you’ll lose accessibility to those cash-back services too and your credit score will certainly take a hit.


12. Alcohol and also cigarettes make a very short perform of things you can not return at all.

Don’t bother trying v alcohol and also cigarettes — it’ll it is in a no-go.


13. Where execute I return mine purchases?

Anything friend order in ~ can be went back through the website, or girlfriend can carry it into a warehouse come return it.Items you buy in the warehouse can only be changed in warehouses; it doesn’t have to be the exact same store girlfriend bought the items from, yet you can not return it with


14. Costco travel returns are possible, but it’s increase to certain airlines, hotels, and cruise lines.

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Costco take trip will aid you cancel your pilgrimage if you need to, and also they won’t fee you a fee to cancel. But you’re still topic to cancellation policies and fees of certain airlines, hotels, and cruise lines.