Sony’s playstations Vue TV business has come to be much much more interesting. Here’s what cord cutters must know.

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For about a year, Sony’s playstations Vue streaming service was barely worth paying fist to. In ~ launch, the cable-TV different only worked on PlayStation video game consoles, and although Sony expanded access late critical year, Vue was still only easily accessible in a grasp of U.S. Markets. It didn’t assist that Vue lacked channels from the Disney media empire, including ESPN.

Everything changed in March, once playstation Vue introduced nationwide and included ESPN and also other Disney-owned networks to its lineup. You deserve to read ours complete PlayStation Vue review for a decision on just how well the organization works, together with our compare to rival Sling TV. But if you’re just in search of details on what Sony’s streaming business has to offer, review on for answers to some typical questions.

PlayStation Vue is one online video service native Sony the replaces cable or satellite TV. In exchange for a monthly subscription, you gain a large bundle of live TV channels, such together ESPN and CNN, in addition to DVR-like features and also on-demand programming, all easily accessible on a range of Internet-connected devices.

Pricing because that PlayStation Vue depends on the ease of access of live regional broadcasts, which subsequently depends on wherein you live. In markets that encompass live feeds from many or all significant networks—that is, ABC, CBS, NBC, and also Fox—service starts at $40 per month. Anywhere else, Sony supplies “Slim” packages starting at $30 every month, through ABC, NBC, and also Fox supplying on-demand video. (Find out live regional channel accessibility by plugging her zip code into the Vue website.)

In both cases, the basic “Access” package includes about 55 TV channels. An extra $5 per month gets you the “Core” package, i m sorry adds regional sports and also a couple of other channels, if an extra $15 per month gets you the “Elite” bundle, which to add even much more regional sports and also special-interest channels. Girlfriend can likewise pay $35 over the basic price for an “Ultra” plan, which consists of everything in the upstream bundle add to HBO and Showtime. Added premium channels are easily accessible as add-ons or standalone subscriptions.

A chart through the whole PlayStation Vue channel list appears at the bottom of the page.

Looking because that a comparable guide to Sling TV? You"ll find ours right here!

No, game stations Vue is also available on Roku devices (running OS 7.1 and later), Amazon Fire TV devices, apple TV (fourth-generation and also above, to run iOS 10.0 or later), Android TV (Android OS 4.4 and also later), and also on most Windows and MacOS net browsers.

Once did you do it signed up, you can also accessibility the company on Android and also iOS mobile devices and also on Amazon Fire HD6 tablets and above. Part channels, however, room not accessible for mobile viewing, and some separation, personal, instance shows might not be available either.

Google Cast-enabled TV gadgets such as Chromecast are additionally supported through the iOS and Android apps, and thankfully, the usual restrictions on mobile viewing execute not apply.

At the moment, yes sir no native on assistance for various other platforms, such together the Xbox or apps for home windows or MacOS.

PlayStation Vue can be cheaper than classic TV service, yet it depends on your needs and what sort of majority your local TV organization provider offers.

The main advantage PlayStation Vue provides is the technology, which allows you bookmark favorite TV channels, obtain recommendations on reflects you could like, save mirrors to a cloud DVR for accessibility across different devices, and also create different profiles because that each family members member. Most set-top box haven’t yet reached this level the sophistication.

There’s additionally something to be stated for Sony’s transparent billing, which no involve any installation fees, surprise fees, devices rental costs, contracts, or annual pleas to customer service for lower rates.

It can take a little getting supplied to, due to the fact that the interface concentrates on favorites and also recommendations quite than a traditional channel grid. Yet if you desire a an ext familiar layout, there is a “Guide” switch in the top menu bar. (The main distinction is that present times show up along the Y-axis, and channels are along the X-axis, which is the contrary of how most regime guides work.)

PlayStation Vue allows you add shows come a “My Shows” list, which immediately saves new episodes because that 28 days after airing. Contrasted to the scheduling procedure and storage borders of a timeless DVR, Vue is claimed to be much less hassle.

On the downside, girlfriend only have actually a limited time to catch up on past programming. And for part shows and also channels, DVR can not be obtainable because the content provider doesn’t enable it.

Each channel includes a grab-bag of shows that you deserve to watch top top demand. Some channels likewise include three days’ worth of “Catch Up” programming ~ a present airs.

PlayStation Vue mimics traditional TV organization in this regard, for this reason you’ll gain commercial breaks while watching channels in real time. The on-demand magazine often includes mandatory ads together well. You deserve to only skip through ads for shows you’ve stored v the cloud DVR.

Yes, yet with limits. On playstations consoles, you deserve to pause for as much as 30 minutes on live programming. On other devices, such together Fire TV, the video automatically starts playing again after simply a few minutes. And some channels, such as ESPN and also Comedy Central, don’t allow you to manually fast forward through the time-shifted video without returning right to the live feed.

In other words, playstation Vue’s time-shifting features permit for rapid bathroom or snack breaks, however you can’t necessarily stop a program and also then skip with all the commercials.


Yes, game stations Vue at this time supports logging into more than 50 TV everywhere apps, such as Watch ABC, clock ESPN, Fox sports Go, and also Comedy Central. You can also use these apps on platforms that don’t have actually a playstations Vue app. Just pick “PlayStation Vue” together your TV provider once authenticating, and enter your login details.

Yes. Both HBO and Cinemax are accessible for $15 every month, with or without a Vue channel bundle. Girlfriend can likewise get Showtime because that $11 every month, or Showtime and also Epix Hits together a $14-per-month package deal. Fox football Plus and also Machinima are available for $15 every month and $3 per month, respectively.

NFL Network is contained in the “Core” bundle. Core subscribers have the right to then include the full season the Redzone for $40.

Just one catch: Thursday Night Football games are blacked the end on NFL Network throughout weeks that the games appear on NBC or CBS. If her Vue setup doesn’t include those networks, you’ll need to watch top top Twitter.

With the exemption of Thursday Night football (see above), they’re no various than cable or satellite TV. Because that instance, if a game is airing on transfer TV rather of your regional sports network, and you don’t acquire local channels, you’re out of luck. (Consider purchase an over-the-air antenna if girlfriend live close enough to a transfer tower.)

Oh yes. The greatest restriction is that all TV gadgets must it is in tied to a single address, which method no sharing passwords with your cousin across the nation or bringing your console to a friend’s house. If you hurt this rule, you might be blocked from utilizing the service; and to do things even scarier, Sony claims you have the right to only readjust your own deal with one time. (We’ve got one report of difficulties with dynamic IP addresses as result of Sony’s place restrictions, despite this appears to be an problem with the web provider mapping IP addresses come the wrong location.)

As for simultaneous streams within the home, PS3 and PS4 consoles room each limited to one device streaming in ~ a time (although you can have one PS3 and also one PS4 streaming simultaneously). Next from the restriction, the streaming limit is five devices at a time.

The best resolution is 720p. On many devices, you obtain smooth 60-frames-per-second for most sports programming, however only 30 frames per second on the first-generation Fire TV and also Fire TV Stick.

The organization will it is adapted its little rate relying on what you have actually available, however Sony recommends having a 10Mbps Internet connection at home, and also it will use roughly 5Mbps every stream.

So far, prices have been trending downward, and also Sony has actually pointed come its transparent, non-contract pricing as a selling point. Still, yes no guarantee that prices won’t adjust at some allude in the future.

It’s much easier than cable. PS3 and PS4 users deserve to cancel straight through the app’s settings menu, and also everyone else can cancel through their account settings on There’s no cancellation cost, and also best that all, no customer-retention specialists to deal with.

Here’s the full PS Vue channel list


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