Do you need a passport to travel to Hawaii? also today, there space still fairly a number of searches inquiring if a us passport is needed for travel to Hawaii. As proof of this, there were as much as 100 searches ~ above this topic every day.

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When execute You need a Passport to travel to Hawaii?

The answer to this is somewhat simple. If she traveling direct to Hawaii from any other us state, you won’t require a passport. This is since Hawaii has been a united state state since 1959 as well as a united state territory due to the fact that 1898. Even if it is you space a citizen, long-term resident or anything else, you don’t require a passport when traveling in ~ the united States. This would certainly be comparable to someone traveling from California to Florida. In such instances, you would certainly not require to carry a passport. However, nevertheless of citizenship or residency, if Hawaii is your an initial point that entry into the united state from one more country, friend will require a passport.

Other documents Needed

The only document you would require is some type of official identification that includes a photo of you, favor a driver’s patent or state identification. This assumes the you’re traveling in ~ the US. Friend could likewise use a passport in addition to a driver’s patent or state identification. But this is mainly to enable you to acquire through the defense gate at the airplane you room departing from. You won’t need it to obtain entry right into the State of Hawaii. You would additionally need to display a driver’s license if you intend to rent a car. People likewise need a photograph identification to check into a hotel. Basically, if you’re travel to Hawaii you would only need the same documents (i.e., generally a driver’s license) as though you to be traveling everywhere within the US.

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Backup kind of Identification

It might still make feeling to bring a passport or another type of official identification when traveling by plane. In the event you lose your driver’s license, you will certainly still have actually some kind of identification to gain through the TSA check points at the airport.