U2, the Cranberries, Sinead O’Connor, valve Morrison, or Hozier room not the only reasons the made Ireland so renowned through the years.

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The nation that has actually the harp together its national symbol, collecting few of the world’s earliest harps in ~ Trinity university in Dublin, which shows that music is among the top features of this place.

Besides music, Ireland is likewise known because that its land and also sea views and delicious foods. However, the Coronavirus outbreak critical year restricted the variety of international visitors allowed to go into the country for non-essential purposes, consisting of tourism.

A total of 408,021 people in Ireland have actually contracted the Coronavirus due to the fact that the start of the pandemic. Besides, the virus brought about the death of 5,306 human being in this country, based upon the data listed by the human being Health organization (WHO).

However, once planning come head to this country, travellers must very closely follow all the entry rules and also current restrictions.

Who Can get in Ireland between the continuous COVID-19?


The rapid spread that the Coronavirus and also its brand-new strains obliged authorities in Ireland to store all restaurants and pubs doors shut in an effort to defend the citizens’ health. However, together the epidemiological instance has began to ameliorate in various other countries, Ireland has actually started to permit an ext travellers to go into its territory and also visit this places.

However, tourists who great to get indoor services will be compelled to current valid proof the they have actually been completely vaccinated versus the virus or recovered indigenous the COVID-19 in the last 6 months.

Ireland travel Insurance

Internationals are urged to purchase travel insurance to save many of their money in situation their expedition gets cancelled for emergency reasons or due to the COVID-19 situation. The same likewise covers unforeseen situations as gaining ill throughout the trip and also accidents.

Travellers acquisition reasonably priced travel insurance in Ireland from AXA Assistance, MondialCare, or Europ Assistance.

Current COVID-19 case in Ireland

Ireland has actually registered a complete of 2,051 brand-new infection instances in the last 24 hours, based on the data detailed by the people Health Organization. The same source shows the 26 people in Ireland have actually lost your lives due to the virus throughout the very same period.

Since the begin of the pandemic, the nation has taped over 408,000 COVID-19 infection cases, together WHO figures show.

Up come this point, 93 every cent of the population in Ireland is vaccinated, based on the data detailed by the European center for disease Prevention and Control.

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NOTE: This post was originally published on respectable 31. Since then, the same has actually been consistently updated v the most recent changes. The last changes to the article were made on October 15, in line with the most recent updates of the irish authorities.