Microsoft Office online offers free web versions of Word, Excel, and also PowerPoint. Here"s why you should offer it a shot today.

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Microsoft Office is the world"s de facto performance suite, but did you recognize that girlfriend don"t really must pay for Microsoft Word and other apps? many thanks to Microsoft Office Online, you can access the most popular Office apps because that free.

For many people, these stripped-down version of Office work simply fine. Let"s look at at few of the reasons to use Word Online, Excel Online, and the other cost-free offerings.

1. Office virtual Is Free

The biggest benefit of Office digital is the you have the right to use it without paying. This is the easiest way to obtain Microsoft native for free and legally.

Traditionally, you had to salary upfront for a independent copy that the latest version of Office (like Office 2013 or Office 2019), i m sorry could cost a hundred dollars or more. Nowadays, Microsoft wants you to subscribe to Office 365. This is more affordable in ~ $10 or so every month, but the subscription tho adds up over time.

through Office Online, you gain access to virtual versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and additionally in ~ no cost. Lesser-known apps prefer Flow, Forms, and Sway are included in the perform of Office digital offerings too. There are no digital versions for access and Publisher though.

To shot it, authorize in to your Microsoft account on, climate visit her Office apps page. Right here you"ll see everything that"s accessible and have the right to jump to any kind of app you like.

Office digital Apps

2. Accessibility Documents anywhere With Cloud Storage

having actually your papers saved only to one computer system can cause problems once you need them on an additional device. While the option of conserving to the cloud is accessible in modern desktop versions of Office today, it"s the default and easy to usage in Office Online.

everyone gets 5GB of totally free storage in OneDrive through their Microsoft Account, which is plenty for storing personal documents, spreadsheets, and also presentations. As soon as you job-related in Office Online, all transforms save to your OneDrive account together you go. This way you won"t lose hrs of progression if something crashes and you haven"t manually conserved in a while.

Word Online conserve As Prompt
v the OneDrive app on your phone, girlfriend can conveniently pull up your files anywhere. And also if you need to edit them in a pinch, you have the right to simply sign in to Office digital on any type of computer.

also better, Office virtual is device-agnostic. Friend can accessibility it ~ above any an equipment with a web browser, including Linux and also Mac machines. Free Office Android and iOS apps for Word, Excel, and also PowerPoint provide similar functionality top top mobile.

3. Easy Sharing and Collaboration

A lot of of human being commonly share desktop Office records via email. While this is good in moderation, it i do not care cumbersome come constantly send a document back and forth. In Office Online, you can conveniently click Share ~ above a document to send a connect to anyone. As lengthy as they have actually a Microsoft account, castle can modify it if you offer them permission to carry out so.

Office virtual Share Document
Office Online also makes collaborating on files a cinch. Even if it is you desire to edit a large document together or both work-related in a spreadsheet, doing so just requires both parties to have the record open. When a similar role is easily accessible in desktop Office v OneDrive, it"s not rather as simple to set up.

4. Office Online offers a simplified Workflow

The digital versions of this apps aren"t as full-featured as their desktop computer counterparts. Lock don"t incorporate the most powerful tools, such as Word"s advanced formatting and also Excel"s comprehensive graphs or Macros.

This provides Office digital unsuitable for experienced use, but they"re still an ext than qualified for an individual use.

However, Office Online lacking power user functions can actually be a benefit for some people. You can feel overwhelmed by the number of tools top top the Ribbon and choices to tweak in desktop Office. If that"s you, probably you"ll love the slimmed-down strategy of Office Online.

If you have actually an old computer with a slow-moving HDD and minimal RAM, Office Online might work faster for you. While the desktop computer Office apps are fairly bulky, the web app doesn"t put such a stress, overload on her system.

Office Online also provides organizational benefits. Since it keeps every your files in OneDrive, they won"t take it up storage room on your machine.

Storing every Office records in OneDrive also means they aren"t blended in with every little thing else on her system. Each application shows freshly edited and pinned documents of their type (spreadsheets, presentations, etc.) therefore you can open them native there instead of hunting approximately a bunch the folders.

Office digital Pinned Documents and also Templates
Finally, using Office Online allows you save papers in the traditional Office file formats, such as DOCX and also XLSX. Since so many human being use Office, this is crucial for computability v others. Plenty of Microsoft Office options don"t work-related perfectly with these formats, which scores another suggest for Office Online.

as soon as Microsoft Office online Isn"t Ideal

We"ve looked at several reasons why Office digital is a good service you must take advantage of, particularly compared to desktop Office. However, it"s of course not perfect. There room some cases where you"re better off with one more solution.

one of the best limitations of Office online is its limited app selection. If you need anything past the basics, you"ll require the full version of Office. Apps favor Access, Visio, and also Project don"t have complimentary web versions.

~ trying the Office virtual apps, you may likewise find that they lack a function you need. Girlfriend can"t usage the internet versions to run a mail unify or execute macros, for example. Those require timeless Microsoft Office (see some ways to acquire an Office license for free or pick up a cheap Office license if you must upgrade).

another serious limitation of Office virtual is appropriate in the name---you require an internet link to usage it. Because that those who often travel without internet access, Office digital won"t be dependable enough. If that"s the case for you, girlfriend can shot a cost-free Office alternative; check out our comparison of LibreOffice and OpenOffice to evaluation two optimal choices.

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carry out You have to Pay because that Microsoft Word? No!

It"s great news that Microsoft Word and other Office apps are available online for free, together you don"t need to pay for the an easy functionality. If you"ve never ever tried Office Online, you have to test it out to see if it functions for her needs. You could end up saving some money by using it rather of the continuous Office.

as you may know, among Office Online"s biggest competitors is the Google Docs suite. Have a look at our rundown of Google Docs to learn more.

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