I’m a pretty fearless (or confidently arrogant) individual. If I ever see human being do other remotely dangerous and live, it’s validation that I, in theory, deserve to do it too — at least once. While that does not average I will try hot sauce with three skulls and also a little prayer printed on the label, I have wandered under the rabbit hole and also tried drugs the I have actually come across (I stated no come crack, FTR). & can you blame me? Drugs have actually been incepted in all generations through its proliferation with music, movies, and also pop culture. The demonized by equipment that room meant to save us in order, and so getting associated in medicine is a rite of passage in any kind of young rebel’s life — which practically all teenagers and young adults naturally are. We’re right here to an obstacle that which has actually been imposed on us without our consent.

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However, this post is not around doing drugs. It’s around getting high without them.

I deserve to report that at the ripe age of 23.9 <24.5 at time the publishing> i am pretty much through with experimenting with drugs. However I haven’t lost my desire for obtaining high. I’m just finding the in various other places. Putting things like gym, work, or runners high aside (all really real things), over there is another way of achieving the finest high I’ve yet to feel with no shitty after-effects, and also it’s obtainable to everyone…



I’ve long heard of the positive impacts of meditation from mentors, gurus, and people smart enough to be guests on the Tim Ferriss Show.

But through life as busy together it is, who has time come meditate?

In the past, every time i tried meditating I would inadvertently fall asleep. The discouragement of constant failure was enough to do me walk months there is no an attempt. Ns can’t accurately decide what factors influenced me to pick up the regular practice, therefore no advice right here on what needs to happen first. Although, if you do meditating a desire that yours, you will surely achieve it. That’s exactly what i did 2 years ago.

I have actually by no method achieved mastery in meditation. In fact, i think i’ve only started to scrape the surface despite a regular practice, therefore take everything you read here with a grain of salt. However, I have the right to say through honesty the I have felt the benefits that have actually long been touted together the factors to meditate. I get clarity on points that I have actually been thinking around and attain focus when I have actually a lot of of mental chatter. The days once I felt prefer I had actually no time come squeeze in a meditation space the days I have actually benefitted the many from it. My willpower is stronger and also my mindfulness has increased tenfold. It helps v my goals to be less reactive and also find peace in stressful situations. Ns went from sit still because that ten minutes with possibly 15 seconds of really meditation to having actually to traction myself far from deep meditations lasting ≈40min to an hour. It’s not constantly easy. A the majority of times, that takes me 10–15 minutes simply to acquire into that focused state of complying with my breath, however you gain there. If you want to, you can gain there.

Due to a natural obsession v improvement, i’ve tried my ideal to hack meditation. Over the past two years i have found a couple of effective techniques and also mades some valuable observations. Ns now change to some actionable advice i’ve been giving individually because that you to have as well. Enjoy.

When to meditate?

There is no ideal answer right here besides once a day. It’s approximately you when meditation fits in. Part advice:

Do no meditate as soon as you’re body is every too ready to odor you (especially if you just beginning out). Personally, I execute not meditate instantly after waking up or right prior to going to bed. I uncover that to it is in a recipe to autumn asleep and also you need to not be sleeping throughout your meditation. Instead, ns meditate after breakfast. Ns showered, fed, and also just had a cup of coffee. I’m fully awake and my belly wont it is in pestering me because that sustenance.

Some world meditate really well in ~ night & it’s stated that meditations in dark rooms is how to obtain really associated to your inner world. & that could work because that you, but I’ve noticed my time in the evening/night is lot harder to control. Many things are competing for your attention after 5pm and if meditating is no a top priority, it will certainly probably lose to other much more appealing alternatives.

There is no higher piece the advice I have the right to offer here then to make it a consistent practice. You’ll obtain a disproportionately greater benefit from meditating 10 minutes a day because that 6 days then 1 hour as soon as a week. Much more importantly, the possibilities that girlfriend will acquire discouraged by letting her experiment traction on intermittently for days, weeks or months will most likely cause abandonment.

Setting Intentions



This is a hack I’ve done that has yielded me significant results. Once you an initial sit down to meditate, specifically with a liven day ahead of friend in the case of meditating in the morning, the job of quieting under your mind come a suggest of stillness seems unachievable. It’s another day at the office because that the billions that hungry neurons shoot in her cerebrum. Your single task because that meditation will be to shot to quiet under that psychological bustle for as lengthy as you can. So, for countless months, I have actually used my an initial minutes of meditation to collection some intentions and remind myself the why ns am sitting in an are with my eyes closed make the efforts to experience nothingness — something your mind will not at first agree with nor understand with a hyper awareness come the tasks of the day ahead. Instead of letting mine thoughts run wild on their very own I can straight them throughout this time v intentions that I try to internalize with each breath. Here is an example of my inner vocalization of intentions:

I meditate for inner peace. I meditate for focus. I meditate for clarity. Ns meditate to recognize my inside Self. Ns meditate because that love. I meditate because that my health. I meditate to hear my breath. Ns meditate for happiness. I meditate to be present.

Sometimes this intentions have actually taken approximately ten minutes, since the perform for reasons to meditate finds no end to itself. They are quick so that they deserve to be right it right into a solitary breath and also enter a natural rhythmic pattern that matches your flowing breath. Specifically, i think of one intent throughout my inhalation and also let my unspoken indigenous sink in as I progressively exhale.

This is additionally a good time to remember some specific topic you desire to get clarity on. Just try not to let yourself begin thinking around it.

Music vs. Silent

I’ve long connected music v meditation. Music has actually this significant power end our minds and also bodies the ends up penetrating our psyche in methods we cannot however comprehend. Music feeds our soul. So, it’s no wonder over there is so much meditation music out there. Ns have uncovered that meditating through music is easier. It provides you miscellaneous to listen to and the option to combine yourself with a trance.

Music is good because the can additionally block out any small but imposing distractions that happen all the time. Beginner will have actually a tough time concentrating through disruptions, if zen masters might be meditating in an active construction site without flinching. On top of that, as soon as you quiet your mind, her ears work-related better, for this reason you’ll soon start hearing things you don’t generally pay any type of attention to, naturally. Music will aid you conquer the slight audible disturbances we space not yet trained come ignore.

Silent meditations are different. The psychic can much more easily drift right into thought in the absence of something, like music, to follow. Being that it is more difficult to keep yourself concentrated, you space granted the biggest concentration tool of all — a stronger link to her breath. Sometimes the music deserve to overpower the sound of her breath, i m sorry is the baseline the your whole existence. As soon as you can hear yourself breathing internally, you’ve completed moments that pure observation of your own life force (the essence of meditation). In silence, friend can accomplish a flow state of significant depth by complying with each breath. Quiet also permits for much better mantra meditations, because you’ll be on your own rhythm and not one set by music (more around this later).

I’ve combined both music and also silence in the exact same session with good results. I’ll have meditations where I use music in the beginning, to aid me obtain into a flow state, but end in silence once my mental is quieter and less conveniently distracted. These have actually been really confident experiences, yet I imply trying every separately an initial in stimulate to gain the full experience the each.

You deserve to listen to my meditation playlist on Spotify for some incentive for her sound meditations:

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Watch your Eyes

I’m quiet trying to gain a understand on this and also it seems that no one yes, really talks around what you perform with her eyes, i m sorry is weird considering just how much they room doing. When you close your eyes, you can shut her eyelids with varying degrees of pressure. You could be pushing your eyes against your eyelids or rojo them back and around. I have pointed my eye up or in the direction of my 3rd eye (though that ultimately feels forced). In general, i’ve noticed they are always moving or I an alert they are solved in ar when i noticed i’m stuck in a thought.

For a while, I would look at the back of mine eyelids — the would eliminate thoughts, however I uncovered that it needs separate concentration, which appeared counterintuitive. I have noticed motion in my eyes changes my psychological state. I either rest a train of believed I slipped into, or visualize a thought, or watch nothing and forget around my thoughts fully (meditation) in which situation the eyes will absolutely do their own thing. At any time I notice I’m in a thought, ns let my face and also eyes relax further, which bring me come a empty mental TV display with light spots the come from looking out through your eye closed.

I advise you to observe what her eyes do. In what position carry out they feel the most relaxed? room you holding castle in a details position without noticing and also is the causing any kind of pressure? If you’re visualizing something with your mind, have the right to you gain to a dark blank screen rather by changing your eyes? I’ll try to work on occurring this.

Mantra Meditation — What girlfriend Want

The best meditations I’ve had are mantra meditations, both v music or in silence. A mantra is a expression repeated. This is the the communication of transcendental meditation (TM) which people like Tim Ferriss and Arnold Schwarzenegger have actually cited practicing. You recite part syllables through deeper definition that lug forth some energy, otherwise unavailable, the aids girlfriend in your connection to her inner world. Where walk one obtain a mantra from, though? part are covertly bestowed, rather are particular to a spirituality practice, and some come from a teacher. Yet there’s good news! You already know one! No require for a expedition to India.

All you have to do is attach syllables to the sound of her breath.

Ham because that you inhale. So or Sa for your exhale. Hamsa, or So’ham when beginning with your exhale. Holy ghost repeating the mantra will permit you to focus on her breath and listen come the syllables that bring you deeper in connection to her inner Self. Together you’ve read, meditation is all around that breath work! The beauty of the Hamsa mantra is that it is always with you. You deserve to recite it for one breath in a minute of mindfulness during a busy day and also micro-meditate!


My critical hack (and favorite one) is complete a gratitude practice into your meditation. Near the finish of most of my meditations, I start going through points I am grateful for in the same fashion I collection my intentions in the beginning. One of the factors I love closing a meditation with gratitude is that you can really FEEL you yourself being grateful. That not often that you are fully present for the things you say. The points to be grateful for come in unlimited quantity, fully organically. Saying one with each breath keeps your meditative circulation alive. Ns warn you, though. This practice will frequently take you into an additional phase that deep meditation. As soon as you’re being grateful, you’re elevating your frequency and good feelings. If she in a meditative state, you’ll be receptive come it’s relaxing and also euphoric effects and also find the you space able to get even deeper right into your meditation. It’s as much as you even if it is to follow the call or not.

Final Advice — Watch your Thoughts

When you get “there” you no notice. I have only ever stepped external of my psychological flow and also realized that I’ve remained in it. That a smooth transition. I notification it because my think feel very far away when they perform come in. My psychological chatter is now lot lower. Mine head starts feeling light. My eyelids feeling heavy, as if it would be difficult to shot to raise them up in ~ all. All I desire to carry out is breathe and feel the breath. There are less mental images. My perception of time has actually disappeared. You’re there.


Meditation is hard since you will certainly think and also not know. You will certainly literally not realize you space thinking. As soon as you realize you are thinking, you gain the possibility to just watch yourself. Most likely, you’ll prevent your train the thought, just as if someone started recording friend while you to be being funny, expecting to catch it top top camera. It’s human being nature to change behavior when we’re being watched. Your mind behaves all the same. And so, when capturing yourself thinking, you space able to come earlier to her breath and also remember her goal. In fact, try staring in ~ the image over dead in the center with full focus…what happens?

Every time you restore focus, you are practicing that significance of meditation — coming earlier to stillness. I newly saw this article coming the end of a meditation in the incense burning before me and subsequently common my observation in a video clip (see the article on Instagram). This is the component of the practice that you want to take away from meditation and into your busy life. Observe yourself as soon as you gain mad or space reacting come experiences and give you yourself a new take. Shield yourself from a chaotic world, if only momentarily by acquisition a minute to focus on her breath.

I’ve noticed that time actually spent meditating is typically disproportionate to the time you’ll invest trying to, so don’t fool you yourself to think you’ve not succeeded. In ten minutes, it deserve to be as less than a minute spent in stillness. Top top a an excellent day, it have the right to be a mere 3–4 minutes. Sometimes, friend wont get into it till the finish of your allotted time and also find you’re being pulled away when you’ve simply started. Come this I sell my very own experiences as encouragement. Ns have frequently spent 20 minute or an ext with but a single minute that mindfulness, when all of a sudden, there is a rest through. It come from committing to her practice and also preparing yourself to rise over your mental wall. & if friend do, ns promise girlfriend euphoria means beyond so-called drugs.

I haven’t provided them, however here’s two apps that a lot of people use to meditate. Calm and HeadSpace. Headspace has actually a Take10 program. 10 minutes because that 10 work they’ll permit you shot for free. Calm has actually a 7 day introduction to meditation for free, together well. I absolutely encourage friend to shot one or both.

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Here is the connect to the latest Tim Ferriss podcast through excerpts of conversation v Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sam Hariss, Rainn Wilson (Dwight form The Office) and Chase Jarvis all talking about meditation.