HOUSTON – You’ve probably seen the headlines do the society media rounds. Insurance claims that “hospitals gain paid an ext to law COVID-19 patients” and also “is medicare payment hospitals $13,000 because that patients diagnosed through COVID-19 and $39,000 for those top top ventilators?”

In a recent post to the KPRC 2 facebook page, a woman claimed discharge records showed she mom had actually COVID-19 once she “absolutely did not have actually it,” and also her husband told her hospitals get $30,000 every patient.

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She’s no alone in asking Channel 2 Investigates about this, therefore we chose to put two cases through our trust Index.

Is Medicare paying hospitals more for COVID-19 patients?

Here’s how Medicare, i beg your pardon is funded with your taxation dollars, works.

When patients space discharged, hospitals assign them a password on your diagnosis and also treatment, and Medicare pays hospitals a collection amount based upon that code. But when Congress attracted up the care Act, it created a 20% “add on” for therapy of COVID-19 patients.


“The vital component of the was an additional reimbursement for patients who had COVID to counter the revenue the would’ve created their usual procedures,” described hospital billing skilled Shawn Fry. “Depending top top the severity that the patient, you could make double, or also four or five times as lot on the COVID patient.”

Politifact looked in ~ an analysis by the Kaiser Family structure which discovered the median Medicare payment because that a less severe COVID-19 hospitalization was just over $13,000, and also for a hospitalization requiring a ventilator the was just over $40,000. This includes the 20% “add on” with the cares Act. That boosts the hospital’s standard payment for comparable treatment of non-COVID patients.

We rate the insurance claim that hospitals make more money indigenous COVID-19 patients as true.


We’ve reviewed info surrounding this topic and also confirmed the It’s True.

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Are hospitals falsely tagging patients with COVID-19 to do money?

“It is a possibility, any kind of time you’re managing billing and coding, there is a opportunity for error,” said Jennifer Salazar with the far better Business Bureau’s Texas senior Medicare Patrol. She advises that patients be proactive in tracking your diagnoses and also treatments.

“When you got to the hospital or you see your doctor, compose it down, write down what you’ve had actually done,” Salazar said.

And always review her discharge papers.

“If you view anything the looks suspiciously or incorrect, if your not sure about, contact us in ~ the Texas senior Medicare Patrol,” she said.

But yes sir no hard evidence that hospitals room fraudulently identifying patients as “COVID positive”.

“To mine knowledge, and I’ve talked to several various hospitals, no medical professional has ever before been incentivized to include the COVID-19 diagnosis to any patient’s file,” fried food said.


There are protocols in ar to prevent that, including regular audits, and also harsh penalties because that those that are recorded doing it.

We rate the insurance claim that hospitals room falsely tagging patients v COVID-19 to make money as false.

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after review, we"ve found this information is Not True.

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