Want handsome-looking eyebrows the suit her face? discover the Dos and Don’ts the eyebrow shaping in our Men’s Eyebrow grooming Guide. 


Men need consistent eyebrow maintenance, as with women do. Yes, you made it the first twenty years or therefore of your life without needing to perform anything about your brows—but things change.

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As men acquire older, their eyebrows require much more work to save them neat and tidy. The doesn’t issue whether friend have huge and bushy eyebrows or scraggly ones, every man can benefit from grooming their brows regularly.

But before you reach because that the tweezers or try the latest eyebrow grooming fad, over there are three the the things guys should know:

Not every eyebrow shaping method is a great idea.Over-tweezing is a typical mistake that numerous men make when shaping their eyebrows.Eyebrow maintenance must be part of every male grooming regimen.



We’ll get straight to the point: bad eyebrows can hurt her appearance. Out-of-control eyebrows that space verging ~ above a unibrow are never ever a an excellent look top top a man.

On the same level space the thinning eyebrows you often see on enlarge gentlemen. Apart from fine lines and wrinkles approximately the eyes (which you deserve to treat v a men"s skin treatment kit), there is no bigger indicator of a male true period than his eyebrows.

For males in their 20s and also early 30s, eyebrow maintain usually means keeping things neat and also tidy. Part young men will require a couple of simple plucking of hairs, while others will certainly need an ext work.

Men in their late 30s and above will must be extra careful around plucking your thinning eyebrow hairs. Fortunately, there are eyebrow shaping options which deserve to make eyebrows show up fuller there is no looking unnatural.

Whether you trying come score a date, land a promotion or feel more confident, gift proactive about your eyebrow to organize regimen is essential. Well-shaped brows may not insurance you a hot day or new promotion, however numerous researches have presented that look at do issue in exactly how successful we room (see claim: “…This effect is moderated by male physical attractiveness…”)


Besides, nicely-shaped brows space a confidence-booster. Through a few simple eyebrow shaping tips, you can achieve perfectly natural-looking brows that enhance your handsome appearance and your confidence.



If she intimidated by experienced eyebrow services or don’t want to spend the money, shaping your eyebrows at house is one affordable option. However, going the DIY route comes v a couple of challenges—namely, messing up your eyebrows and also being required to live with the consequences.

The most essential thing to store in psychic is the you don’t want to overdo it, regardless of even if it is you pluck, wax or subject them. It may be tempting to pluck every gray or straggling hair you find, but you will easily regret it once you take a an excellent look in the mirror.

Do: Stick to Tweezing

There space other means to shape your brows various other than tweezing, yet that doesn’t mean you should use them. For most guys, minimal tweezing is every that’s necessary to obtain enviable eyebrows.

At-home waxing kit do have actually the advantage of removing super-fine hairs that are challenging to pluck. The problem is that waxing deserve to involve a little bit of a finding out curve. Do you really desire to take the opportunity of ripping off fifty percent your eyebrow? us didn’t think so.

Don’t: go Overboard

As we said before, walking too hard with the tweezing can leave you through sparse-looking brows the look worse 보다 before. Begin slow and avoid acquisition too lot off.

Remember, bushy eyebrows no necessarily a bad thing. George Clooney, Robert Pattinson, Dave Franco and plenty of various other good-looking male celebrities have bushy brows that space well-kept and natural looking.


So long as it’s not a unibrow or out of control, adopt your thick brows! every you need is a little bit of tweezing and also perhaps a small amount of styling cream (we prefer this one from Pete & Pedro) to tame wild hairs.

Try Men"s Skin Care

Do: discover Your Eyebrow Start and also End Point

Before tweezing any hairs, you must first identify wherein your eyebrows stop and start. To do this, take it a fine-tooth comb and also hold the vertically in the center of your nostril.

Once you’ve figured out where her eyebrows have to start, you’re walking to use a high-quality tweezer and begin plucking any kind of big, rogue hair in the middle. You must leave a few tiny hairs to make them look at natural.

To discover where her eyebrows should end, take the comb to make a heat from the tip of your nose to the outside corner of her eye. Remove any type of excess hairs on the outside of this line.

Don’t: Trim native the Top

Once did you do it tweezed increase the start and end points, it’s time to shape them a small more. To execute this, always tweeze excess hairs from the bottom of your eyebrow.

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Why start from the bottom? If you’ve ever before seen a guy with overly-arched eyebrows, the probably since they tweezed them indigenous the top. You require the hair on peak of her eyebrows to save them looking full and youthful.

Now, there are times whereby the eyebrows can prosper super long and need to be trimmed. To trim these hairs properly, use your fine-tooth comb to brush the hairs up and use precision guideline scissors to trim the hair peeking through the comb.