Miner turned fact star Parker Schnabel comes from a family members of yellow diggers, for this reason it's no surprise he is among the most successful stars on Gold Rush

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His grandfather, man Schnabel, to be his mentor and biggest impetus as the owner the the huge Nugget mine. At 16 year old, Parker took over the business and also even offered his college savings to start his very own mining company. Now, at period 25, Parker is a gold-mining champion. 

In 2018, it to be reported the Parker has actually mined end $13 million precious of gold since he took end his an initial operation— and also has a net worth approximated at $8 million. By 2020, however, Parker's network worth was approximated at $10 million.


However, don't intend Parker to it is in wasting his hard-earned money on an intricate cars and homes. "We made some money this season, but it’s walking right earlier into the ground," the told Maxim after mining 4,311 ounces in one season. "And what i mean, is the we space buying new equipment to boost our operation. I don’t very own a boat or any fancy cars or a an elaborate house. I have actually a large expensive sand box instead."

Parker has likewise been open around the impact of working long hrs has had on his society life, consisting of his breakup with former girlfriend Ashley Youle. "I don’t make the moment to save in touch through , it’s simply a hell that a liven summer,” he told Discovery. "So that’s absolutely a downside: all the men I offered to hang out with, they’ve moved on, and I’ve moved on and don’t really have actually time to keep up. That’s a bummer, yet I’m act what ns love, so that’s what you provide up i guess." 


But Parker is not slowing down. In Season 9 — Parker's goal to be a record-breaking 6,000 ounces in yellow (worth $7.2 million)— he was figured out to prevent paying Tony Beets' royalties and also to no leave a solitary ounce of yellow behind because that his landlord to benefit from. 

"There's no method in hell we're leaving any kind of of this behind for Tony," the told his foreman Dean Tosczak on the show. "Not if us can help it."

The exact salaries that Parker's crew is not known. However, one redditor revealed that Parker payment his workers "hourly and his key team a yearly salary (x day to x date) to add bonus." 

Another gold miner, not regarded Parker's team, evidenced that his crew is likely paid by commission. "I acquired a portion of gold produced. Concentrates haven't been refined yet so I'm not sure how much over there is in the finish product but I have actually a straightforward idea," the miner wrote.


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And seeing as Parker had actually a lean team in Season 9 — crew member Brennan Ruautt and also Bree Harrison room the only two miners working the huge Red tree — they every likely gained some quite bonuses if the team struggle Parker's $7.2 million goal. 

"We're quite short-staffed in ~ the moment," Parker explained. "It's a pretty huge challenge, however we'll just have to make it work."