You might have heard news anchor Sandra Smith freshly started co-hosting a new show ~ above FOX called America Reports with previous White residence correspondent john Roberts. Us met and also interviewed her almost 10 years ago when we were still 2nd City Style but I was living in NYC. Due to the fact that of that we are and also what we treatment about, we wanted to know all about her reporter on-air style.

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This is a repost of my previous interview through Sandra Smith published on February 24, 2012


A few weeks earlier I had the chance to meet and also interview FOX service Network’s rising star and Chicago indigenous Sandra Smith. Sandra mostly works the end of new York City, but owns a home with she husband in Chicago and reports native the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) as well. Currently I execute care around the news, yet I treatment more about her clothing.

Sandra Smith’s Wardrobe

When it concerns her functioning wardrobe Sandra thankfully embraces color. She’s lucky, she have the right to wear basically anything and look beautiful. Us continuous folk room not always as lucky, but I believed there can be other to find out from her. I left the hour I invested with her wanting come wear purple, pink and also electric blue! that is fairly a adjust from my basically brand-new York influenced black wardrobe.

What you could not understand is the Sandra (and the rest of the females on FOX) have actually a strictly wardrobe budget, so they must chose wisely. Therefore, Sandra is the perfect duty model for professional women encountering the struggle of tightening purse strings and also still climb the that company ladder in style. I assumed she would have some good tips since she has to dress professionally for she on-air camera occupational reporting live indigenous the CME and in the studios, while difficult to a budget. She is offered a details amount twice a year (spring/summer and also fall/winter) and works through an in-house stylist, Gwen (who I acquired to meet) to decided her best looks that occupational for both her Chicago and new York reporting.

Here is Sandra at the CME. You can tell since she is attract separates.

About Sandra Smith

Sandra to be born and also raised in Wheaton, a suburb of the windy City, and spent her childhood adhering to her father approximately the floor of the CME wherein he functioned as a products trader. Sandra smith joined FOX organization Network together a reporter in October 2007 wherein she divides her time between new York and Chicago. Before joining FBN, Smith to be an on-air reporter because that Bloomberg Television. In this role, she spanned U.S. Equities and derivatives markets and contributed to break news and also analysis.

Before Bloomberg, Sandra to be the manager of Institutional Sales and Trading in ~ Terra Nova Institutional, whereby she tackled investment management and hedge fund accounts. She likewise assisted in the development of routine trading models for existing and prospective clients. Before this, she to be a trader at Hermitage Capital, wherein she enforcement U.S. Share and alternatives orders, performed portfolio analysis, ready commission reports and serviced clients.

Sandra embraces color!

A graduate the Louisiana State University, Sandra is plainly very intelligent and when ns met her, exceptionally down-to-earth. Ns felt choose I was talk to among my girlfriends. Then again, don’t us all as soon as talking about clothes and fashion? together luck would have actually it, the work I visited FOX to meet Sandra, the stylist was there for your bi-annual stems show. So ns was not only able to meet Sandra, however the stylist that helps she pull watch together.

A News Reporter’s Wardrobe

“What ns love about Gwen,” Sandra said, “is the she go not push anything on you, however gets friend to try on clothes you wouldn’t generally pick…and they work!” ns agree. That’s the key. Occasionally going exterior your lull zone is the best means to uncover things that look unexpectedly impressive on you.

On air in new York, Sandra mainly sticks to dresses. She confirmed me the costume that reside on racks in she office and they had well-known brands like Tahari, anne Klein, Rebecca Taylor, Diane von Furstenberg, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Trina Turk, Max Mara, Donna Morgan, and a couple of commissioned by Gwen I have never heard of like Dana Maxx. Some were even the very same dress in many colors. The later on at night she is on-air Sandra deserve to dress a little more risque/sexy.

In Chicago Sandra tends to wear much more suit separates since she has to strap a mic and also equipment come a belt when she is top top the CME floor and that’s tough to do in a dress. She additionally smartly picks some items she have the right to wear nine periods (a trick my mother taught me) and also organizes her wardrobe by color and also season. The dresses often tend to have geometric clean lines, without being loud together they analyze well on high-definition TV. You desire the details over the waist as that’s whereby the camera is most and loud jewel doesn’t work. Most of her costume wholesale for between $120-$200, but Sandra go splurge top top a few standout designer items that wholesale roughly $400 or so, the type you would discover at Bergdorf’s or Neiman Marcus.

Here is a look in ~ Sandra’s on-air wardrobe:

Sandra mirroring me one of her summer dresses
That’s simply the spring/summer rack! Look at all that color!
Here is the fall/winter rack!

When Sandra is completely finished through a couple of item she rotates castle out. Since she technically own the apparel she either provides her cast-offs come friends or to “Dress because that Success.” ns asked she how frequently she can wear something. She called me “I try to go down the line and also wear everything at the very least once a season.” Shoes space her own responsibility and can no be open-toed.

I inquiry Sandra wherein she shops as soon as she is looking for garments for she off-air life. “Alice + Olivia and in Chicago a save I love is manage With treatment in Old Town, however I don’t randomly shop. I love wearing slim jeans.” She went on come share, “Here is my little secret: travel constantly between brand-new York & Chicago i couldn’t number out exactly how to organize and know what to wear. Every time I was in Chicago and also would look for something i was like, darn, ns left that in brand-new York. Therefore now, if you open up my closet below in new York, everything is black and also white. From shoes, to clothes to handbags, everything is is black and also white. Then in my an individual Chicago closet, it’s every colors.” Brilliant!

Then us were off to the trunk show!

The FOX trunk show
Here is Sandra reflecting me few of the clothes she choose out

Gwen said, “Can ns tell girlfriend one thing around Sandra? She’s the perfect model. Once I get something in that’s a tiny different i think, Sandra deserve to wear it. She can wear anything!” Gwen attends all of the brand-new York Fashion mainly shows and then automatically visits showrooms to look for the ideal styles for the females of FOX. She can’t use anything that is shiny, is also short, cut too low or has pattern. She additionally tries to store black to a minimum. The samples space then sent to FOX for a week through swatches of easily accessible colors. Reporters book appointments v Gwen and they room off come the races.

Did you ever wonder how a anchor’s wardrobe is styled?


Photos: FOX and second City Style/Fountain that 30

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