The Dead Sea, bordered top top one next by Jordan and also on the various other side by Israel, is a organic wonder went to by countless tourists every year. The lowest suggest on Earth, that is additionally one of the saltiest body of water in the world. Its light turquoise color, the white salt crystals top top its shores and also protruding native its waters, and the golden-brown hills surrounding it, do the Dead Sea see surreal and also uniquely beautiful.

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Why is it dubbed the Dead Sea?

One of the factors why The Dead Sea’s surname was given to that is that no creature deserve to live in its hyper-salty water. On peak of that, the climate in the Dead Sea is identified by dry air, low precipitation, and really high temperatures – end 30C (86F) for much more than 6 months of the year, sometimes even reaching document highs of end 45C (113F). However is that true the Dead Sea is dead or is there life in the Dead Sea? The answer could surprise you, so if you’re wonder what lives in the Dead Sea, save reading.

What stays in the Dead Sea?

While it’s true that higher organisms (fish, for example) can’t survive in the Dead Sea’s water, numerous microorganisms can. In fact, number of bacteria and microscopic birds live in the Dead Sea. This microorganisms have the right to survive there because they space well adjusted to hyper-salinity conditions.

During really rainy durations or floods, the flow of new water changes the Dead Sea’s chemistry makeup, thus increasing the volume and variety of microorganisms living there. In such periods human being have observed the water’s surface transforming a glowing red – denote the presence of Dunaliella algae.


Visit the Dead Sea creatures

If you wish to watch typical animals of the Dead Sea area up close, a an excellent place to visit would certainly be the Ein Gedi nature reserve where you can see among the largest teams of ibexes in Israel, as well as hyraxes, foxes, wolves, bats, snakes, frogs, crabs, various birds and also more.

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So as you can see, the Dead Sea is actually no dead at all. There’s life in the Dead Sea and also all roughly it, and also quite an amazing life, too. If you’re a nature lover and also would choose to gain a better knowledge of Dead Sea animals, just open your eyes, look approximately you and go to where the pets are. This way you’ll have actually a prepared answer because that anyone that asks friend what animals live in the Dead Sea.