The aquatic ecosystem of Hilton Head Island and the Lowcountry is home to a wide variety of pets working in harmony to create the beautiful natural places we enjoy.

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Among this is the plentiful fishery made up of hundreds of types of animals, every one of whom are woven into the food web. Close to the bottom that the cycle are bivalves and also crustaceans. Bivalves and also crustaceans eat the barely clearly shows planktons in the water. This shelled creatures carry out food for numerous fish, birds and also mammals. Every one of which the prey have a particular adaptation to get through the shell and also to the tasty meat. One fascinating fish in this team is the sheepshead, the fish with human being teeth!

Sheepshead deserve to be discovered along the whole Eastern seaboard and the Gulf that Mexico.

They are distinctive in that they stay reasonably close come shore and to rocky areas, feeding top top the shelled pets that live there. They grow in the brackish waters where creeks or rainwater runoff accomplish salty estuaries. Thus unique feeding habitat, sheepshead space sensitive to ecological influences. They will certainly leave areas that end up being polluted. In Brooklyn, NY, Sheepshead just is called after this fish. Unfortunately, lock no much longer inhabit the area because of the rise in pollutants.

Oysters, the favorite prey of the sheepshead, room also really sensitive to changes in water conditions.

They space filter feeders and, in the case of oysters, castle cannot relocate to brand-new places as soon as their existing habitat becomes polluted.


Sheepshead usage their uniquely solid teeth to break with the hard shells that crabs, oysters, mussels, shrimp and also barnacles. Sheepshead teeth look eerily like person teeth. They carry out the same function of grinding and masticating a difficult omnivore’s diet. Sheepsheads’ various other favorite foods encompass plants, seaweed and also algae.

In cooler months, sheepshead will relocate offshore come spawn, and also in summer they continue to be close come shore.

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This makes them a fun, an excellent fish come catch and eat this May! You deserve to fish because that sheepshead indigenous a dock or a boat. Since they’re omnivores, they’re attracted to a wide selection of bait. This bait consisting of mussels, shrimp and also barnacles. Sheepshead like undisturbed waters damaged by oyster bed or other herbal features. Fishing these places deserve to be a little bit trickier, yet it’s a the majority of fun. For the ideal experience, rental an proficient local overview to present you the technique.

Sheepshead is just one of the fascinating and also delicious varieties of fish the abound in our waters. This May, get outside fishing! even if it is you select a 12-hour offshore charter or a three-hour kayak fishing trip, over there is a format of regional fishing to fit everyone!