Mosquitoes are more than likely the one point that keeps most people from enjoy it time outside during the summer and fall. Many human being use pest spray and citronella candles.

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Some even preach that fire pits room the ideal at keeping the pests away, yet sometimes the mosquitoes are persistent, and you wonder, do the fire pits also work?

The quick answer is YES, smoke native fire pits have the right to keep mosquitoes and other insects away. Adding different herbs and also woods to the fire pit will assist decrease the possibilities of mosquitoes lingering approximately you in her backyard.

Fire pits are fantastic way to store mosquitoes away. Over there are different ways you can adapt your fire pit come ensure that mosquitoes execute not cave out with you if you space outside. When fire pits do work-related in the brief term, favor while you’re outside, take into consideration the dimension of her yard as well.

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Smoke together a Mosquito Repellant

Many people use acting in different forms to keep mosquitoes and also other bugs away. In general, exhilaration deters virtually any insect. Smoke is filled through fine particulates that make it challenging for mosquitoes and other bugs to breathe and also see.

Fire Pits


Fire pits are great for gathering around with your family and also friends. They warmth everyone up in the fall and also lower the humidity in the summer. The best component about them is that their exhilaration keeps mosquitoes away. Gas fire pits carry out not emit smoke. As such they won’t be effective at keeping mosquitoes away.

Fire pits are very customizable to fit her needs. You have the right to make lock as large or as small as friend want, and you can control the amount of time you have them active for. You have the right to also add different varieties of wood and also herbs to adjust the scent and also smoke quality.

One fence of fire pits is the if you have a big back yard, the smoke will certainly be localized and also mostly keep mosquitoes away at and also downwind of the fire pit. The smoke can also irritate a person’s eyes, sinuses, and also lungs, so if you are sitting around a fire pit, make sure you carry out not sit downwind.

Burning Herbs and Wood together a Mosquito Repellant

Since fire pits space versatile in what you deserve to burn in them, you have the right to burn various woods and herbs and also get various results. Some woods and also herbs are far better at keeping mosquitoes away 보다 others.

Burning Woods

As the base of your fire pit, the timber you choose is vital for the result, particularly if you want to save mosquitoes away. Hardwoods often tend to burn longer and also leave a satisfied aroma once burned. Softwoods aren’t together dense, for this reason they won’t burn together long and will have to be replenished frequently. There have actually been studies to watch which woods space the ideal at pushing back mosquitoes.

Some great woods you have the right to burn are:

Pinion is a great softwood come use since it is denser than most other softwoods, so that burns longer.

Eucalyptus is a good hardwood come burn since it burns because that a lengthy time and is sustainably grown.

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Burning Herbs

Another excellent means to aid fend off mosquitoes through your fire pit is to add different herbs to her woodpile. Take into consideration how lot of the herbs you use and where girlfriend will location them. If you place them in the middle of the fire, they will certainly likely have actually a shorter burn time and won’t last together long. Shot to store them ~ above the edge through some kindling, therefore they catch and also still create smoke.