Having beautiful hair is a large part of Black society and a huge boost for many individuals. Us spend hours on hair organize rituals to ensure we show up neat, well-kept, and attractive. Unfortunately, unforeseen hair lose can ruin those efforts.

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If you’ve ever before researched the reasons of hair loss before, there’s a great chance that you may have come throughout sources listing the attract of durags as a contributing factor.

Apart from worrying around typical masculine pattern baldness, black color men additionally have to worry about hair loss caused by traction alopecia. So, the large question is, space your protective styles really as protective together claimed? Or does that durag cause hair loss? let’s dive in.

Is a Durag really Necessary?

Durags room deeply ingrained in afri American history and have actually remained crucial in black color men’s hair care and fashion statements. Their use has actually been greatly influenced through Hip-Hop and also Rap artists such together Nelly, 50 cent, Jay Z, and also several movie stars.

Since their first emergence together a fashion statement in the 1960s, durags have actually gone top top to end up being a major player in black color men’s hair grooming.

They are used to store curls and also wave patterns. Durags can also prevent cornrows and braids from frizzing out and also keep your locs neat.

The usage of the durag is no longer just restricted to masculine adult african Americans as it was before. It’s currently a free-for-all fashion item for other Black civilization irrespective that sex, age, or nationality.


Importance that Durags For black Men

There are so countless benefits to wearing a durag. For the typical Black man, a durag transcends a fashion accessory or headband. It to represent a symbol of strength and also pride in their organic hair and also its beauty.

The strength to rock the durag with such swagger and confidence is a big part of the look. Because that the black community, the durag is one expressive social piece, and can even be taken into consideration a depiction of a misunderstood culture.

A durag is a price of artistry and also creativity. A basic piece or finesse the doesn’t interpret to crude or criminal. It’s a tribute come black tradition and history. There’s also an annual durag main celebration set aside to celebrate durags.

Apart native its rich cultural history, various other benefits the Black males can gain from attract durags include:

Maintenance of tide patternStraightening hairProtection from sunlight damageBraid maintenanceHair structure improvementUnhampered movement throughout physical activities

How can a creation meant to preserve perfect hairstyles and assist style be fingered together a resource of hair loss?

Does A Durag cause Hair Loss?

Haircare has become such a sensitive subject in the 21st century and it no come together a surprised that we now have countless self-made millionaires who simply capitalized on people’s need for full and also thick hair.

Thick afros, soft long, curly, or wavy hair is evolution’s gift come the black color race. Unfortunately, navigating the many do’s and also don’ts of caring for our hair type can it is in frustrating, especially as there are so many conflicting tips the end there.

While some Black guys are very comfortable rocking the bald look, that a general notion the nobody ever really desires to unintentionally lose their hair or struggle with bald patches.

General conversations and polls over years from both sexes have actually driven a conclusion that nobody wants to resolve losing hair. Unfortunately, bad durag wearing actions can, indeed, lead to hair loss.

Hair loss deserve to be separation into 2 key categories, natural and manmade. Organic hair loss, even though treatments room available, is periodically unavoidable. On the other hand, you deserve to prevent fabricated baldness.

A durag induced hair loss drops into the manmade subcategory simply because its one externally affected hair ns that deserve to be totally avoided prior to it even appears.

How carry out Durags reason Hair Loss?

There space three established significant causes that manmade hair loss. Castle are:

StressScalp conditionsBad hair treatment habits

Here is how negative durag wearing behavior directly pat into causes of hair loss.


To undertake a durag, you need to firmly tie it onto her scalp. Most human being assume “firm” means “tight” and will traction the ties of your durags too tough when attract them.

That tight pull versus your scalp effects blood and also nutrient circulation to the hair follicles, death them in the process. All of these space stress problems that can reason the hair follicles come die, or worse, totally pull out the strand that hair indigenous its roots.

Scalp conditions

Some people wear durags come hide the negative condition of your scalp underneath. In ~ one suggest or another, we may have actually experienced a dry, itchy scalp. However, it i do not care a source of concern when the itchiness is constant and recurring.

There room some reasons of dry, itchy scalps including, alopecia areata, dandruff, allergies, amongst other things.

Dandruff is maybe the many common amongst these hair conditions. It reasons the skin top top the scalp to flake. While the isn’t contagious or serious, it have the right to sometimes it is in embarrassing and an overwhelming to treat.

Alopecia areata closely follows and is simply interpreted as hair lose in tiny patches. This have the right to sometimes go unnoticed. However, as soon as the patches start to connect, it becomes noticeable and also sometimes outcomes in baldness if no treated early.

Wearing a durag can make these conditions worse due to the fact that it can reason irritation (because the the product top top the rag), or just rub versus your scalp.

Bad hair treatment habits

Tying your durag too tightly pulls her hair indigenous the scalp and can reason it to rest away. In part cases, this can reason traction alopecia and also make your hairline recede.

Additionally, not washing your hair commonly may reason the build-up of products, oil, dirt, and also dead skin on your scalp. These will clog the hair follicles and affect the growth of hair.

Wearing a durag walk not average you have to forsake an excellent hair restroom or develop negative hair treatment habits. Unfortunately, this isn’t the instance for some people and also the an outcome is hair loss.

Durags and Traction Alopecia

This is our key focus because of its relation to durags and also hair loss. Traction alopecia is medically described as outright patches led to by excessive tugging or pulling the the hair at a details spot.

This have the right to be caused by tight braids, ponytails, or consistent use of headwear (including durags) end a period of time. Continuous strain on the hair follicles deserve to pull the end strands of hair or sometimes damages the follicles.

The durag is frequently worn tightly approximately the base of the head, and when excessive force is applied constantly, this can lead to traction alopecia.

Signs that Traction Alopecia

Some common signs the traction alopecia include:

Receding hairline, typically about the forehead, temples, or nape of neckAppearance of small pimples top top the scalp or in ~ the base of braidsRedness and also itching ~ above the scalpPatches of thinned out or broken hair in locations where the hair has actually been pulled tightBald or shining patches

How To prevent Durag Induced Traction Alopecia In black Men

The significant cause the traction alopecia has been developed to be continuous tight pulling. However, it’s highly possible to undertake the durag in a comfortable method and still stop hair loss.

A couple of ways to perform this include:

Do not wear your durag too tight roughly the basic of the head. It’s fully okay to leaving just sufficient room because that movement.Wear a durag made out of silk or satin material. Silk and satin materials have actually been proven to be the ideal material for hair treatment due to their capability to help the hair retain moisture.Moisturize the base of her hair before and also after wearing the durag.Massage the base of her hair with vital oils such together peppermint or mint oil to help in blood flow and also hair growth.Shampoo routinely to eliminate residues such together sweat or dust, and also don’t forget to condition or also deep problem afterward.Avoid chop hairstyles beneath the durag. Try to keep your hairstyles as peaceful as possible — this helps to minimize traction or friction on the hairline.

These methods have been tested and also have been proven to it is in extremely reliable in to reduce or totally erasing durag-included traction alopecia for black men.

The damages brought about by traction alopecia are sometimes expensive come treat or, in some rare cases, irreversible. This is most often because of long-term negligence or carelessness.

Severe situations of traction alopecia may sometimes require methods such as hair transplant, injected corticosteroids, laser treatments, platelet-rich plasma, and anti-inflammatory injections.

These methods have the right to be expensive, therefore the easiest way to treat substantial hair ns is simply to prevent it. When it can seem prefer a most work to simply throw top top a straightforward headpiece for a couple of hours, it’s much better to it is in safe than sorry.

Bottom Line

So, does her durag reason hair loss? while wearing a durag has countless benefits and can protect the black male head, that can additionally arguably add to hair loss in individuals. Your fate heavily depends on the habits you practice while attract a durag.

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Remember that it’s perfectly feasible to undertake the durag in number of forms, over an extensive duration of time, and still have actually a head full of hair. Every you require are great hair practices, a durag make from quality fabrics, and also consistency.