made by a mrs in Gresham. Great, that topic is the end of mine hair because that the year, i thought. Hardly. Last Sunday, I opened up my garden for

. Together I was wracking my brain trying to think the a plant surname (I remembered!), i noticed a yellow coat dive bombing the area. As with most uncomfortable things, i tried to neglect it. Apparently, no everyone practices energetic avoidance, so i couldn't overlook them.

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One the the visitors toward the end of the day noticed they were burrowing into the railing up to my backyard. In a way, it was interesting. Every you can see to be their tiny butts as they wiggled into what they believed was a brand-new home. If i don't action soon, it will certainly be.

I simply read your article around wasp traps and thought I would certainly pass top top a an excellent tip for avoiding wasps if dining outside. An aunt indigenous Chicago told me to use Bounce dryer sheets to keep wasps away. We were desperate because the wasps/yellow jackets were so aggressive we couldn't take any food exterior from July through September.

I tucked the dryer sheets right into the umbrella over our picnic table and also in between the boards on the table itself. Currently we have been eating dinner out on a continual basis because that the past two summers!! us still have actually traps approximately the residence to catch and also kill as plenty of wasps as possible, however now I also place the dryer sheets under the deck as well. The two-pronged strategy seems to be working an extremely well for us.

I don't understand why it works, however the yellow jackets and wasps have to hate the aroma of the dryer sheets. I assumed I would pass that on together we room so happy with the results.

Just read your article about building your own wasp trap. Elaborate, clever and entirely unnecessary. Instead, do what us did number of years ago. Go to

artificial hornet nest. Two to a package, cheap, simple to use, big a long time and very, very effective. Us haven't had a yellow jacket, wasp or hornet in all the moment this clever thing has been hanging in ours backyard, whereby we provided to need to fend turn off the hornets and also other pests completing for ours snacks or dinner.

Yellow jackets have the right to be a real problem if they set up shop wherein you tend to walk by, yet those that come from afar can either be deterred or play with. First, there is a very clever device offered on the Lehman's Non-Electric magazine called the

The fabric bag looks just like a honest suit nest and also can it is in hung in plain sight. Supposedly wasps in search of a place to

We have actually a many our meals al fresco by ours koi pond, and yellow jackets come to aid "clean up." That's their thankless task. They job-related all summer

to construct a nest and scour the area come clean increase dead things, and then they every die, other than for the queen. No profit motive like honeybees; they work for complimentary and wind up with nothing but the satisfaction the they have done their component to store the world clean of points that could rot and stink increase the place.

When the an initial scout reflects up in ~ our table, I establish a feeding terminal for castle on the downwind finish of the table. The scout will certainly go earlier and tell her sisters exactly where the food is. They come back to that spot, and also rarely look at further. I placed a number of small bits the food for them to bring away, and we get to watch them come and also go. The real fun begins when girlfriend start putting larger and also larger pieces on your plate, and also watch them shot to lug them off. The reminds me the helicopters acquisition off v a complete load.

We have a beautiful yellow jacket swarm on our mantelpiece, which i watched them build during one summer. Various wasps discover varying resources of fiber, so the paper they make has actually lovely swirls the color. Ns wonder if any document artists have actually tried to use it in arts pieces.

I don't believe in killing them unless they construct their nest where they develop a danger. A lot of wasp traps death the innocent who come from elsewhere and never pains anyone. However those who develop their swarms in your space are definitely territorial. There room organic sprays, some making use of mint oil, i beg your pardon will carry out them in without poisoning the environment.

We're lucky our wasps are usually small. In Europe, over there is a substantial wasp called the

cicada killer, about twice the size of ours

. Mine brother remained in a restaurant in Bavaria when one the them come cruising in, and the patrons were all terrified. They sound like a fighter airplane on a strafing run, and also apparently have actually the lifting strength to catch and fly with a full-grown cicada.

Ron Cronin, Northeast Portland

Oregon State college Extension company has a

very helpful short article on yellow jackets

. Inspect it out.


Kym Pokorny

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