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Disney human being Early layout Park entry is currently up and also running in the four Disney world parks. I’ve now had an chance to usage it myself and know an ext about exactly how the device works (Updated October 25, 2021).

The an excellent news is that at an early stage entry into Disney people is a reasonably easy device to use. That being said, make sure you know all the ins and also outs so you aren’t surprised as soon as you get there.

If you read this before early October, it’s been heavily updated after using the system. Make sure you review through to acquire all the brand-new details!


When Does beforehand Theme Park entry Start?

The official start day of at an early stage Theme Park Entry was October 1, 2021. This coincided with the start of the 50th Anniversary celebration.

There to be a soft opening beginning on September 26, 2021 which allowed them to start working out some of the kinks. But because that anyone going to Disney native this point on, Disney world Early entry is now completely up and running.

Which resorts market Disney world Early Entry?

All Disney will offer at an early stage Theme Park entry to their guests. But which are the “select other resorts”?

These room the Disney an excellent Neighbor resorts that are confirmed to have access to Disney early on Theme Park Entry:

Hilton Orlando Bonnet CreekWaldorf Astoria OrlandoB will & Spa Lake Buena VistaDoubleTree Suites by Hilton OrlandoHilton Orlando Buena Vista PalaceHilton Orlando Lake Buena VistaHoliday Inn OrlandoWyndham Garden Lake Buena VistaWyndham Lake Buena VistaFour seasons Resort OrlandoShades of GreenWalt Disney civilization Dolphin HotelWalt Disney people Swan HotelWalt Disney world Swan Reserve

So if you’re continuing to be at any type of of this resorts, congrats! girlfriend are additionally eligible for early on entry into Disney World.

What Rides are available During at an early stage Theme Park Entry?

This was a burning inquiry for rather a while. Yet now we ultimately have a perform of early Theme Park entry rides.

We’re walking to take a look in ~ what rides are accessible in what parks and administer a little commentary on each one.

After that, we’ll look at which rides are the ideal to head to based on strategy. Remember, girlfriend only have a 30 minute head start, so you won’t specifically get a lot of done.

Magic Kingdom

“it’s a tiny world”Astro OrbiterBuzz Lightyear’s space Ranger SpinDumbo the flying ElephantMad Tea PartyMickey’s PhilharMagicPeter Pan’s FlightPrince Charming Regal CarrouselSeven Dwarfs Mine TrainSpace MountainThe BarnstormerThe numerous Adventures of Winnie the PoohTomorrowland SpeedwayTomorrowland Transit authority PeopleMoverUnder the Sea ~ journey of the little MermaidWalt Disney’s Carousel the Progress

What’s immediately apparent is the fact that just rides in Fantasyland and also Tomorrowland are available. This is no altogether how amazing as most expected this.

By funneling every the early Theme Park Entry guests to the most famous area that the park, I’m sure the expect is that those world then head come Frontierland and also Adventureland as shortly as the park officially opens.

This climate leaves part room because that the continuous park guest in Fantasyland and also Tomorrowland.


Beauty and the Beast Sing-AlongFrozen ever before AfterMission: SPACESoarin’ roughly the WorldSpaceship EarthTest TrackThe Seas with Nemo & Friends

Let’s challenge it, Epcot doesn’t exactly have a ton of rides to start with, for this reason this perform is naturally pretty small. Lucky for all of us, the best rides in the park are all on this list.

Hollywood Studios

Alien Swirling SaucersMickey & Minnie’s Runaway RailwayMillennium Falcon: Smuggler’s RunRise of the ResistanceRock n Roller CoasterSlinky Dog DashStar ToursThe Twilight zone Tower that TerrorToy Story Mania!

Once again, you have actually a pretty good selection right here of the peak rides. Basically, all of the rides the guests are most interested in speak are noted here.

Well, Hollywood Studios doesn’t precisely have a plethora the rides to start with, so that provides sense.

Animal Kingdom

Avatar trip of PassageDINOSAURExpedition EverestIt’s challenging to be a Bug!Na’vi river JourneyTriceraTop Spin

Basically, through the exception of Kilimanjaro Safari, you could do any of the rides at pet Kingdom. The Safari is never open during early entries, therefore this is expected.

Remember, there space real pets out there on the safari who need to be fed and also cared for. Cast members require time to perform that before they open up the Safari come guests.

Early theme Park Entry ride Strategy

Now the we recognize what’s easily accessible in every park, I desire to take a short look a potential tactics for each park throughout Disney beforehand Theme Park Entry.

These tactics won’t be extensive, remember, it’s just 30 minutes. But they will give you one idea of wherein to head. Remember, realistically you might only have actually time to acquire on one ride.

Disney people Early entrance Strategy 1 – difficult to obtain on Rides

The first early entry strategy is to head come the drive that’s the hardest to acquire on later in the day. Often, this is going to be any type of of the rides determined as the Lightning roadway a la carte option.

Don’t understand what I’m talking about, make certain you review my guide to Disney Genie and also Lightning Lane. This is a significant change coming to Disney world on October 19, 2021.

Long story short: Lightning Lane permits guests to salary extra money to skip the line on two identified rides in every park. Together you have the right to see, choosing the appropriate ride during Early template Park Entry deserve to potentially save you money or time later on in the day.

Your score in every of the parks is come ride one hard to obtain on ride, potentially ride a 2nd easy access ride, and/or get in line because that a 2nd high need ride.

It’s not likely you’ll have the ability to get an ext than that done. And really, you might even just get on one ride. Therefore be prepared for the outcome.

Magic Kingdom at an early stage Theme Park entrance Strategy 1

The clean winner because that the #1 ride come head to in ~ Magic Kingdom is 7 Dwarfs Mine Train. Mine Train consistently has actually the longest waits in the park and is a Lightning Lane choice for Magic Kingdom.

However, there’s a caveat through this: only GO come MINE TRAIN IF YOU room AT THE front OF THE PACK. Yes, I put that in shouty caps.

If you room towards the ago of the pack, the heat will immediately become also long. You’ll spend the whole extra 30 minutes wait in that one line.

If you’re too much behind to acquire on Mine Train, space Mountain is her next finest option in terms of e-ticket rides.

In my right world, this is what you’ll do:

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ➡️ an are Mountain ➡️ large Thunder Mountain/Splash Mountain

If you’re lucky, girlfriend can acquire Mine Train done, and also then on the line for room Mountain. By the moment you’re done, mean the park to be open and escape come the other side that the park.

Once the park officially opens, it’s time to beat feet the end of Fantasyland and also Tomorrowland as that’s where EVERYONE is about to head.

Instead, be opportunistic and head into Liberty Square, Frontierland, and Adventureland. You should be able to get on one or two rides there through minimal wait.

Here’s my arrangement B:

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ➡️ Easy go on ride ➡️ Big Thunder Mountain/Splash Mountain

Again, this assumes that you room so far at the prior of the fill you obtain on seven Dwarfs Mine Train through no much more than a 10-15 minute wait.

Epcot early on Theme Park entry Strategy 1

I’m a little much more conflicted about which of these scenarios is the best, yet in the end I don’t think you have the right to go wrong v either of them.

Here’s my ideal plan:

Test track ➡️ Soarin’ ➡️ Off into the park (check wait time for Frozen ever After)

Seriously, this has been my walk to rope autumn strategy at Epcot because that years, and I don’t plan on an altering it now.

Again, this just works if you space at the prior of the pack. If you gain there even a small bit late, the line for Test track is too long. And also Test monitor is also prone to an initial thing in the morning breakdowns.

If this happens, automatically divert to this plan:

Soarin’ ➡️ Frozen ever After ➡️ Off right into the park

However, Frozen ever before After is currently one the the Lightning lane rides in Epcot, and also is a extremely sought after ~ ride. If possibly saving that money is her priority, or you have some large Frozen fans in your group, head over there first.

The trouble is that Frozen ever before After is a far walk, and also then you’ll double back towards Test monitor or Soarin’. Yet it’s absolutely doable.

Frozen ever After ➡️ Soarin’ ➡️ Off right into the park

Hollywood Studios beforehand Theme Park entrance Strategy 1

I had to revamp this in a significant way as soon as Disney announced the increase of the Resistance is now a typical standby line accessibility ride.

Clearly, rise of the Resistance automatically becomes the optimal ride for almost everyone beginning the park. If you are at the prior of the fill and virtually walk on, this is a significant coup.

If nobody in your group is interested in climb of the Resistance (why? why?!?!), Slinky Dog Dash becomes the most desirable very first ride throughout Early template Park Entry. Slinky Dog has actually consistently long lines transparent the whole day.

Rise of the Resistance and also Mickey and also Minnie’s Runaway Railway room the Lightning Lanes rides for Hollywood Studios. For this reason there’s the money conserving option.

However, you can not have the ability to do both throughout Disney human being early entry. Choose your priority and stick v it. If you’re at the prior of the pack, head to rise of the Resistance as your #1 priority.

If you got a late start to the morning, you’ll have far better luck v Mickey and also Minnie’s Runaway Railway or Slinky Dog Dash.

Here’s alternative #1 because that Hollywood Studios:

Rise the the Resistance ➡️ any kind of other ride in the park

Alternately, I’d shot this strategy:

Slinky Dog Dash ➡️ Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway ➡️ Off right into the park

I make this recommendation specifically due to the fact that when i was in ~ Hollywood Studios not that lengthy ago, the Slinky Dog heat was obtaining long quicker than Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway.

Mickey and also Minnie’s has a pretty big capacity and also moves human being through quite quickly. Ns think this helps save the line length a bit an ext reasonable because that a slightly much longer time frame.

Animal Kingdom early on Theme Park entry Strategy 1

Last yet not least we have pet Kingdom. Considering that trip of Passage is among the best rides ever before created, it should be #1 on your priority perform for at an early stage Theme Park entry at animal Kingdom.

The line also gets astonishingly long, really quickly. It’s additionally the Lightning roadway a la carte option at pet Kingdom for this reason this relocate is a money saver.

Here’s mine #1 arrangement for animal Kingdom:

Flight of i ➡️ expedition Everest (repeatedly) ➡️ DINOSAUR

Historically, you can ride expedition Everest together a to walk on multiple times right when the park opens. We’ll view if this continues to be true, yet I sure hope so.

Plan B for pet Kingdom if trip of passage is currently too long:

Na’vi river Journey ➡️ exploration Everest ➡️ DINOSAUR

Disney human being Early entry Strategy 2 – As countless Rides together Possible

Ok, so below we have actually the alternate option for early on entry in ~ Disney World. This strategy is for human being who want to knock off as many rides as possible within the 30 minutes.

When considering this plan, think that proximity the rides. The much less you have to walk from place to place, the an ext successful you’ll be.

However, walking throughout the park isn’t necessarily a deal breaker.

Magic Kingdom beforehand Theme Park entry Strategy 2

The an excellent news v Magic Kingdom is there space so numerous ride options, the human being is her oyster. And every one of these rides are relatively close come one one more since you’re limited to Fantasyland and also Tomorrowland.

Many of the rides in this ar will continue to have quick lines later in the day, so it does assist to pick wisely. Nice much all of the rides besides 7 Dwarfs Mine Train and an are Mountain need to be close come walk on.

However, Peter Pan’s flight notoriously gets much longer lines later on in the day, for this reason it’s a great choice. Indigenous there, I’d head right into Tomorrowland also though there are other rides physically closer come Peter Pan’s Flight.

Peter Pan’s trip ➡️ Tomorrowland Speedway ➡️ Buzz Lightyear’s space Ranger Spin

You should have the ability to get ~ above the first 2 rides and also then right into the line because that the 3rd ride before the park opens. Once you gain off Buzz Lightyear, head come the opposite side of the park.

Epcot early Entry Strategy 2

This one is hard for me, together I can’t imagine a human being where i wouldn’t shot to walk to check Track first. Ns seriously love that ride.

However, if you want to get on as countless rides as possible, it’s more than likely not the finest idea. An additional thing to consider: several of the rides at Epcot are on the lengthy side.

For example, Living through the Land will certainly eat up nearly the entire 30 minutes all by itself.

At present, another complicating factor is the maze of building barriers. This won’t be an issue later, yet for now, it’s a large one.

These wall surfaces make the walk from one side of Future people to the other a many longer. There’s just no straight shot. Due to the fact that of that, I’d start on one side and focus ~ above it before moving on.

Soarin’ ➡️ The Seas v Nemo and Friends ➡️ Spaceship Earth

That’s right, I’d tho head come Soarin’ first. Girlfriend should have the ability to walk on, and the journey is ~ above the much shorter side compared to other options.

The Seas with Nemo and Friends is also relatively short and also gets you top in the appropriate direction in the direction of Spaceship Earth.

This makes every little thing a little more efficient. I put Spaceship planet in below last due to the fact that the drive is a little bit on the much longer side. As soon as you room off the ride, the park will certainly be open.

Hollywood Studios beforehand Theme Park entrance Strategy 2

Frankly, this is most likely one of the easiest referrals out of every one of them. This is exactly what i did critical week and it was a substantial success.

Rock n Roller Coaster ➡️ Tower that Terror ➡️ Toy Story Mania

Because rock n Roller Coaster and also Tower and also Terror room right next to one another, they space a an excellent option throughout Disney human being early template park entry.

They are likewise rides that obtain potentially lengthy lines later in the day so it’s an excellent to get on them through no wait an initial thing in the morning.

Also, fixed anyone top in the this direction throughout early design template park entry, so you don’t need to worry about getting come the parks quite so early.

On the day i was over there I gotten in the park roughly 8:20a because that an 8:30a begin to Disney beforehand entry. I was in row 3 the the very an initial stretch limo the the day.

If girlfriend have tiny kids or have no interest in thrill rides, this setup won’t occupational for you. For this reason here’s an alternative.

Toy Story Mania ➡️ extraterrestrial Swirling Saucers ➡️ Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run

These kind a nice tiny line so friend aren’t bouncing roughly from one side of the park come another. Smuggler’s run won’t it is in a go on any kind of longer by the moment you gain to it, however the line should be 20 minute or less.

Animal Kingdom at an early stage Entry Strategy 2

My technique to animal Kingdom is a little different. The lines below are pretty forgiving very first thing in the morning, uneven you head come Pandora.

Because that this and also the basic lack of rides at pet Kingdom mine strategy is in reality a tiny different.

Expedition Everest repeatedly ➡️ DINOSAUR ➡️ Kilimanjaro Safari (after park opening)

That’s right, we frequently ride expedition Everest together a walk on journey at the very least 3 come 4 times prior to moving on. It’s one of our favorite rides in all of Disney World, for this reason the ability to ride more than once is key.

Plus, this is a Lightning lane ride for this reason if lines get long later on in the day, acquiring on will expense money or a long wait.

Depending ~ above how many times you get on exploration Everest, you might even have the ability to squeeze one more ride in prior to you head to Kilimanjaro Safari.

Remember, you have to wait for the park to open (and sometimes even later in the morning) to obtain on the Safari, for this reason pay attention to that before you walk every the way there.

Either way, make certain you’re ~ above the Safari by 10a in ~ the latest, currently will begin to acquire long and the animals are more active in the coolness that the mornings.

How perform I obtain Into the Parks v Disney at an early stage Entry?

Fortunately for every one of us, this process is quite simple. I will certainly write around the specifics of my endure using Disney people early entry. However, i anticipate the little details will readjust slightly day come day.

This happened commonly with rope autumn protocols, so i anticipate the same with beforehand Entry. Plus, they merely need to occupational out the kinks.

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Regardless the what park you space going to, guess the require to have your MagicBand/ticket scanned twice. The exact procedure varies depending on the park, however the twin scanning go not.

For example, in Magic Kingdom, all guests room let right into the park come hang out on key Street and the Hub (translation: to start shopping).

However, you’ll see actors Members holding signs directing all those with early on Entry turn off to the right towards the Tomorrowland bridge.