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Joe BidenGruden out as Raiders coach after additional emails disclose homophobic, sexist comment Abbott bans vaccine mandates from any kind of "entity in Texas" Jill Biden to campaign with McAuliffe on Friday much more on Wednesday claimed Republicans are lying if they shot to paint him and also the autonomous Party as anti-police.

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"They’re lying,” that said during a CNN city hall. “We have to change police conduct, we have to have rules wherein things are open, we need to have rules wherein you can be able to determine ... How countless times a cop has violated the rules, and be able to have accessibility to what’s going on in ~ a police department so the righteousness Department have the right to get associated in even if it is or no they have actually to readjust the pattern or practice.”

Don Lemon

Don Carlton LemonGeorge Floyd statue vandalized in NYC"s Union Square 2 days after ~ unveiling Biden"s candidness can gain him in problem Tucker Carlson claims he lies when "I"m really cornered or something" MORE: "How execute you answer to republicans who shot to repaint you and your party as anti-police?"Pres. Biden: "They"re lying."

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He said CNN"s Don Lemon, who held the city hall, the he “never, never” stated the police must be defunded. Biden has actually previously emphasized his commitment to investing in police come combat crime and distanced himself from phone call by some progressives to defund the police.

“I nothing know any kind of communities, specifically the neighborhoods that space in most need and also the poorest and also the most at danger that don’t want police. They desire police, though, the look in ~ them together equals," the chairman said. "They don’t want police abusing them."

He said later on that that believes police police officers do not think that doesn’t assistance them.

“They aren’t saying "Joe Biden is anti-police," cops room not saying that around Joe Biden. They recognize me, period,” the said. “They’re no saying it.

“If police no doing your job, they need to be hosted accountable, they need to be fired if they’re not doing their job," that added. "I do no excuses because that that."

The president also reiterated his speak to for conference to happen the George Floyd righteousness in Policing Act, stating that it would certainly ban chokeholds. Height negotiators top top policing revolutionary on Capitol Hill — Sen. Cory Booker

Cory BookerFirst city council formally endorses bass in LA mayoral bid The Hill"s Morning Report - gift by facebook - Senate nears surprise deal on short-lived debt ceiling hike Sanders declined to sign statement condemning protests against Sinema: report an ext (D-N.J.), Sen. Tim Scott
Timothy (Tim) Eugene ScottFirst city council formally endorses bass in LA mayoral bid Booker "more than confident" occupational toward police reform will proceed White house seeks to flip dispute on agenda price tag an ext (R-S.C.) and also Rep. Karen Bass
Karen Ruth BassFirst city council formally endorses bass in LA mayoral bid base receives endorsement from EMILY"s list Photos the the Week: congressional Baseball Game, ashen trees and also a coast horse more (D-Calif.) — have been working on a bipartisan variation of the House-passed regulation that can pass the Senate. 

Biden, in an answer to a concern Wednesday around his initiatives to resolve gun violence, stated they have to resolve the larger issue of law enforcement. 

“As we need to pass the Floyd act. ... Cops are having real trouble, they’re no all negative guys, there space a lot of great guys. Us need more policemen, not fewer policemen, yet we require them affiliated in ar policing, community policing, and when we did that, violent crime walk down,” that said.

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Biden has actually touted the American Rescue Plan, his signature economic relief bill, as a method to carry in an ext money because that police officers and also community violence interrupters. Critical month, he painted himself together a supporter of legislation enforcement in a speech around combating crime, suggesting that bolstering police will certainly help deal with the uptick in crime during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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