In this article, we will certainly answer the concern “What wake up if girlfriend eat expired lays chips?”, and what is the shelf-life the potato chips?

What happens if friend eat expired lays chips?

Eating expired lays chips won’t make you sick. Packaged food lasts quite a long time previous the expiration because of the preservatives. However, expired packaged food won’t have actually the exact same taste or texture. 

For example, lays chips will become soggy shedding their crisp texture past the expiry date. If the lays chips space too stale or provide off a bad smell, discard them. Stale potato chips are not have to unsafe to eat but they deserve to be discarded for top quality reasons.

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Similarly, If you notice any organic development over the lays chips, eliminate the totality lays package. Spend moldy lays chips can reason food poisoning together a an outcome of i m sorry you may experience vomiting, fever, diarrhea, or stomach pain. 

But this is unlikely to happen because the mold expansion will be pretty obvious and also no=one desires to eat moldy food.

How long do potato chips last?

Unopened Pantry 
Past published date 
Packaged potato chips 2-3 weeks 
Vegetable chips 2-3 weeks 
Bugles 2-3 weeks 
Fritos 2-3 weeks 
Chex Mix 2-3 weeks 
Pringles 2-3 weeks 
Tostitos 3-4 weeks 
Doritos 3-4 weeks 
Goldfish 3-4 weeks 
Pretzels 3-4 weeks 
Crackers 3-4 weeks 
Opened Pantry 
Homemade potato chips 2-3 days 
Packaged potato chips 5-7 days 
Packaged tortilla chips 1-2 weeks 
Crackers 2-4 weeks 

How perform store potato chips prolong their shelf-life?

Any packaged food consisting of the store-bought potato chips have to be preserved in a cool, dark, and also dry ar e.g the pantry. Store the potato chips away from heat and moisture. 

After opening, keep the potato chips in the original packaging. Seal it tightly making use of clips. Remove as much air as possible before trimming the folded package.

Foods that might be OK after the best-by date 

Pasteurized milk, cheese, and also yogurt

All of these milk assets undergo pasteurization throughout processing which kills the pathogenic and spoilage microbes. If save correctly, this dairy assets can be consumed after their best-by day unless theory looks or odor bad. The is no recommended come consume soft cheese after ~ expiration.

Non-perishable foods 

Some of the perishable foodstuffs that may be an excellent to eat even past your bets-by are questioned below.


The cereal starts to walk stale easily once It’s past its expiry. Yet you can prolong its shelf-life by storing it correctly. Cereal with added fats and nuts will have actually a much shorter shelf-life than level cereal. The is constantly a good idea to pour you yourself some cereal to examine If the is an excellent or not.


Dry pasta, save in a cool, dry, and dark place has actually a much longer shelf-life than the standard 1-2 years. However, the instance is different with new pasta which has a the majority of water and probably some eggs. Fresh pasta just lasts 1-2 work in the fridge, ~ which, It need to be discarded.


Bread goes stale once it’s previous its expiry but it may still be for sure to eat. If the bread tastes tart or If you an alert any kind of organic expansion over her bread, throw it in the bin. Stale bread can be used to do crispy french toast or croutons. 

Foods not to eat after the expiration date

Perishable foods like deli meat, raw eggs, ready-to-eat foods items that room not heated, and unpasteurized dairy products should no be consumed past the expiration date. 

Tips top top food safety 

Store food safely: To protect against cross-contamination, cooked or uncooked produce or any other food product have to be stored far from raw meat, poultry, and seafood.

Handle that properly: an individual hygiene and the cleanliness and sanitation the food contact surfaces are necessary to prevent food-borne illness.

Cook the item to safe temperature: To kill the harmful bacteria, perishable foodstuffs should it is in cooked to a safe inner temperature. The safe internal temperature because that poultry is 165 degrees. For beef and also pork, it is 145 degrees. If the egg dishes should be cooked to a safe interior temperature the 160 degrees.

Maximize the shelf-life that the product: The food commodities kept in the pantry have to be stored in air-tight metal, glass, or plastic containers. The temperature should be steady in between 50 and 70. Perishable assets like eggs and meat need to be stored in the fridge at a secure temperature the 4 levels or below.

Track how long the item’s been stored: Different species of food assets have a various shelf-life when stored in the refrigerator or freezer.

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In this article, us answered the inquiry “What happens if girlfriend eat expired lays chips?”, and also what is the shelf-life the potato chips?


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