“They are really hungry people,” Watters said. “And they are desperate, this food is uncooked, it is unsafe.”


Fox News host Jesse Watters inquiry a officially apology indigenous China on Monday prior to pushing unproven rumors the the brand-new coronavirus came from Chinese citizens “eating life bats and also snakes.”

With fear heightening around the virus as the death toll in the United states jumped come at least six ~ above Monday, Watters began Monday’s transfer of Fox News chatfest The Five by lashing out at China, which has been the epicenter of the cultivation pandemic.

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“I would favor to simply ask the Chinese because that a formal apology,” Watters said. “This coronavirus originated in China, and also I have not heard one word from the Chinese. A basic ‘I to be sorry’ would certainly do.”

As the remainder of his colleagues appeared somewhat embarrassed and tried come laugh off his rant, Watters then insisted the the virus originated from the Chinese eating diseased uncooked animals.

“Let me tell girlfriend why it occurred in China,” he declared. “They have these industries where they to be eating life bats and also snakes.”

“No, Jesse,” co-host Dana Perino pleaded together the various other hosts could be watched face-palming.

“They are really hungry people,” Watters continued, causing more laughter. “The Chinese communist federal government cannot feeding the people. And they room desperate, this food is uncooked, that is unsafe. And also that is why scientists think that’s where it source from.”

“And according to The new York Times, Dana, the Chinese government has been an extremely deceitful and also deceptive in the interacting the degree of the epidemic to the world,” Watters concluded. “So, as I said, tomorrow ns will suppose an apology.”

Except it is not clear the COVID-19, as it the disease is officially known, originated at a Chinese industry in which shoppers to buy bats to eat. Previously this year, right-wing media to be abuzz over claims that “bat soup” to be to blame for the an illness spreading, based greatly on a viral video clip that was later debunked. (The video clip was actually of a travel display host in a Pacific island nation, and also bats aren’t thought about a delicacy in Wuhan, the Chinese city whereby the virus very first exploded.)

Furthermore, if a “wet market”—markets that sell live pets for food and also medicine—was initially believed to it is in the beginning of the outbreak, it shows up that particular market might not have actually been the cause at all, as the earliest well-known victims had actually no call with it. And while the virus likely originated through bats, that still there is no been fully established how it relocated from the bats come humans.

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Watters, meanwhile, has actually a history of do culturally insensitive remarks and innuendo, an especially about Asians. The Fox personality sparked angry in 2016 because that a Chinatown segment the featured blatantly racist josh of Asian-Americans, prompting one apology.