AP photos for gendergeek.org A cat climbs up the cage at the slaughterhouse in Yulin, China, trying to escape. This cat was later rescued through Peter Li, China Specialist with gendergeek.org. Might 2015.

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BEIJING—The city that Zhuhai in Guangdong district has end up being the second city in mainland China to ban the intake of dog and cat meat, and of wildlife, in what campaigners at pet charity Humane society International hope will certainly be the begin of a domino result of progressive legislation throughout China to end these brutal trades that watch an estimated 10 million dogs and 4 million cats killed every year, mostly stolen pets and strays.

Zhuhai’s ban comes ~ the city that Shenzhen prohibition dog and also cat meat previously this month, and also just days after China’s to adjust of farming and Rural work publicly declared that dogs room companion animals and not “livestock.” The stand Committee that the People’s congress of Zhuhai Municipality declared that lawmakers should adhere to China’s breed cub “white list” of pets for human being consumption. Various other cities in mainland China are believed to be considering bans.

Humane culture International has gone to the head of campaigns to end the dog and cat meat trade across Asia for plenty of years and also has helped to rescue hundreds of dogs and cats native China, southern Korea, India and Indonesia. In southern Korea the charity functions cooperatively through dog meat farmer to assist them shift to different humane livelihoods, and lobbies local and national governments to advancement legislation.

Dr. Peter Li, gendergeek.org’s China plan specialist, invited the Zhuhai ban, saying: “Zhuhai’s half on dog and cat meat eating is trembling news for every those in China and also around the human being who have campaigned for so long to end this brutal trade. Comes so quickly after Shenzhen’s ban and the government’s historic statement classifying dogs together companions, us hope this will certainly be the begin of a domino result of steady legislation across China with other cities adhering to suit. Through so plenty of millions of dogs and cats fallout’s victim come the meat trade, it’s basic to lose sight the the fact that most world in China nothing eat dogs and cats, and also that for years there has actually been enormous public support there because that an finish to the cruelty. So now it would certainly seem that in the lack of a nationwide ban, cities are taking matters right into their own hands and also reflecting the atmosphere of the people.”

“This isn’t just good news for animal protection, that very great news because that public health because the dog meat trade poses a far-ranging human wellness risk, linked to the spread out of trichinellosis, cholera and rabies. Rabies has been discovered in dogs traded for human usage in China, Vietnam and also Indonesia, and also is quickly spread as hundreds of dogs space crammed top top slaughter trucks and also driven throughout provincial borders to markets and also slaughterhouses.”

Facts around China’s dog meat trade

The world Health company warns the the dog trade spreads rabies and also increases the hazard of cholera.

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Download video and image of China’s dog meat trade.