The following time some law-enforcement human being stands up in prior of a microphone and intones come the push that stars acquire the exact same treatment as every other prison inmate, you have official permission native Team Preach It, if not every one of the set of Gossip, come tell said law enforcement human being to stuff it. The law-enforcement human being is most likely lying or at the very least the end of touch. Every time a star gets the end of jail, the special privileges they get grow increasingly obvious.

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Defense attorneys, including one who provided to work for Britney Spears, have told Preach It about the sorts of privileges stars gain behind bars. Those perks often include getting a pass on the piece search and easier accessibility to doctors and also prescriptions, no to mention fewer hrs in custody overall.

Now come a former fellow inmate of Lindsay Lohan, who newly spent 13 days in ~ the Century local Detention Facility, nee the Lynwood Correctional Facility. The inmate tells Radar that the actress acquired plenty that kid-glove taking care of there.

“The whole jail was placed on lockdown any type of time Lindsay left she cell,” the woman, known as Katie A., told the virtual tab. “It felt like we were constantly top top lockdown.”

Lohan additionally got a brand brand-new jail uniform every day; inmates usually need to wait a week because that fresh clothes. Also, every Katie A., “One employee the the jail had to spend his day searching the entire place for any type of books by Ernest Hemingway because that Lindsay. Those room the only publications she would certainly read.”

It didn’t end there. Lohan likewise did not have to wait because that orders indigenous the jail commissary -- one more exception to usual Lynwood rules, Katie A. Said.

Of course, as Lohan’s mother, Dina, well known complained, the actress no “even have actually a pillow” as soon as she checked out jail.

But at the very least Lohan obtained her literature fix.

-- Leslie Gornstein

Top photo: Lindsay Lohan in court top top July 20, the job she to be taken into custody. Credit: Al Seib / Los Angeles Times.

second photo: Just an additional ordinary night outside the Century local Detention basic in Lynwood — oh, wait, it was the night that Aug. 1, simply hours prior to Lindsay Lohan was released. Credit: Valerie Macon / AFP / Getty Images.

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