The spat between Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall got to an particularly (and very public) climax this week.

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Cattrall's Instagram swipe at Sex and the City co-star SJP came after the fatality of the 61-year-old's brother, kris Cattrall.

The actress, that played Samantha Jones in the series, accused SJP of gift a "hypocrite", adding: "I don't need your love or assistance at this tragic time."

Sex and the City followed the ups and downs that life for 4 inseparable women working and also dating in brand-new York.

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They were close confidantes top top screen yet off screen there were persistent rumours that part members of the cast didn't obtain on.

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Image caption, fresh Prince that Bel-Air actress Janet hobtration (second right) continues to be unhappy v her previous co-stars

Fans that the hit '90s us sitcom the fresh Prince of Bel-Air were delighted as soon as a cast reunion snapshot was posted on Instagram by Alfonso Ribeiro last March.

But one human who wasn't so happy was Janet Hubert, that played Aunt Viv in the first three collection of the hit show.

She created on facebook in response: "There will never be a true reunion of the new Prince. I have no interest in seeing any kind of of these world on that sort of level."

The actress to be sacked and also replaced in 1993 after ~ a dispute over money and egos v the show's star will certainly Smith.

Smith said later on Hubert taken into consideration him the "antichrist" and "a snotty-nosed punk" and also that she want the comedy to be "The Aunt Viv of Bel wait Show".

In the years since, Hubert has been publicly vocal in she criticism that Smith and also has additionally claimed he and Ribeiro had actually "destroyed" her "20-year career v untruths".

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So Mariah Carey saying she didn't precisely enjoy her time together a judge on 2012's American Idol if working with Nicki Minaj might not be a complete surprise.

There were plenty of reports the on-set fighting and also increasingly cook exchanges in between the two stars, v producers required to protect against auditions at one point.

Footage of Minaj yelling at "her highness" Mariah emerged in the media, and the rapper declared Carey didn't want one more female star ~ above the talent show "coming to steal she shine".

The fury spilled the end onto society media and also former united state President Obama was also questioned about it ~ above Miami radio station Y100's The Yo Show.

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After just one series, both Carey and Minaj abandoned ship, v Mariah later on saying in a radio interview she had actually "hated" every minute and it was prefer "working in hell through Satan".