A team of scientists at the college of Copenhagen has figured out that every blue-eyed civilization share one typical ancestor indigenous 6,000–10,000 years ago. “Originally, we all had brown eyes,” explains professor Hans Eiberg from the room of Cellular and also Molecular Medicine. “But a genetic mutation influence the OCA2 gene in our chromosomes caused the creation of a ‘switch," which literally ‘turned off" the ability to produce brown eyes.” if this ‘switch" does no shut under the gene fully in blue-eyed civilization (as that does in people with albinism), that does border the production of melanin in the iris until brown eyes come to be blue.

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Professor Eiberg and also his team got to this conclusion after ~ comparing the quantity of melanin present in brown and green eyes through that in blue eyes. They found that the latter has only a small amount of sports of melanin. “From this, we can conclude that all blue-eyed people are linked to the exact same ancestor,” Eiberg continues. “They have all inherited the same switch at exactly the same spot in your DNA.” This study began in 1996 and also was conducted throughout a large number of blue-eyed people in Europe and in the center East, including Turkey and Jordan.

Ultimately, this mutation doesn"t show up to impact anything various other than the color of one"s eyes. You have the right to read more about this study on science Daily.

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All blue-eyed human being share one typical ancestor native 6,000–10,000 years ago.


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