A little change come the theory of gravity means that our cosmos inherited its arrow of time native the black color hole in which it to be born.

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“Accordingly, our very own Universe may be the interior of a black color hole currently in an additional universe.” therefore concludes Nikodem Poplawski in ~ Indiana college in a remarkable paper about the nature of space and the beginning of time.


The idea that brand-new universes have the right to be developed inside black color holes and also that our own may have actually originated in this means has been the raw fodder of scientific research fiction for many years. Yet a appropriate scientific source of the notion has never emerged.

Today Poplawski provides such a derivation. He claims the idea that black color holes room the cosmic mother of new universes is a natural repercussion of a simple new assumption about the nature of spacetime.

Poplawski points the end that the conventional derivation of general relativity take away no account the the intrinsic momentum of spin fifty percent particles. However there is an additional version that the theory, dubbed the Einstein-Cartan-Kibble-Sciama theory of gravity, i m sorry does.

This predicts that particles with half integer spin have to interact, generating a tiny repulsive force referred to as torsion. In ordinary circumstances, torsion is too tiny to have any effect. However when densities become much higher than those in nuclear matter, it becomes significant. In particular, says Poplawski, torsion stays clear of the formation of singularities inside a black color hole.

That’s amazing for a number of reasons. First, the has vital implications because that the method the world must have grown once it was close to its minimum size.

Astrophysicists have actually long recognized that our world is so huge that it could not have actually reached its existing size provided the rate of expansion we see now. Instead, they believe it grew by countless orders of magnitude in a portion of a second after the huge Bang, a process known as inflation.

The problem with inflation is that it needs an additional theory to explain why it occurs and that’s ugly. Poplawski’s technique immediately solves this problem. He says that torsion resulted in this fast inflation.

That way the world as we view it today can be defined by a single theory of gravity without any added assumptions around inflation.

Another crucial by-product the Poplawski’s strategy is that it provides it feasible for universes to it is in born within the occasion horizons of details kinds of black color hole. Here, torsion avoids the formation of a selfhood but permits a vast energy density to build up, which leads to the development of corpuscle on a enormous scale via pair production adhered to by the growth of the new universe.

This is a big Bang type event. “Such an expansion is no visible because that observers external the black color hole, for whom the horizon’s formation and all subsequent processes occur after unlimited time,” claims Poplawski.

For this reason, the brand-new universe is a different branch of room time and also evolves accordingly.

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Incidentally, this approach also suggests a systems to one more of the an excellent problems the cosmology: why time appears to flow in one direction yet not in the other, even though the regulations of physics room time symmetric.

Poplawski says the beginning of the arrowhead of time comes from the asymmetry of the flow of matter into the black color hole indigenous the mother universe. “The arrowhead of cosmic time that a cosmos inside a black color hole would then be fixed by the time-asymmetric collapse of matter through the occasion horizon,” he says.

In various other words, our universe inherited its arrow of time native its mother.

He states that daughter universes may inherit other properties from your mothers, implying the it may be possible to detect these properties, offering an experimental proof that his idea.

Theories of every little thing don’t acquire much an ext ambitious 보다 this. To chat stuff!

Ref: arxiv.org/abs/1007.0587: Cosmology with Torsion - An different To Cosmic Inflation