AUSTIN, Texas — ~ a year in which they to be scorned together the resource of the coronavirus, bats proceed to have a unstable time in 2021. Many of the mammals are losing their Austin homes.

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The Austin Bat Refuge functions to protect the regional bat populace and certain the animals are loved. Co-founders Lee Mackenzie and Dianne Odegard developed a permaculture environment that provides bats v an setting that feels choose a part of nature.



This pair the bats were brought to the Austin Bat Refuge together victims of an oil and gas development. The two stick together and also have been relaxing inside the palm fronds. (Photo: Maggy Wolanske)


Bats use their claws to hang. This bat sleeps when clinging to moss in the permaculture surroundings Lee Mackenzie created at the Austin Bat Refuge. (Photo: Maggy Wolanske)

Bats migrate throughout the winter come warmer cities that have actually a big insect supply. Once a winter storm hit Texas in February, the Austin bat population struggled to stay warmth through freezing temperatures.

“The leg bats fell out by the hundreds and also thousands. Us may have lost thousands of thousands of bats right here in central Texas,” Mackenzie said.

Refuge employee visited seven bridges after the winter storm to rescue any type of bats the fell. Bats couldn’t cave under icy bridges and also ended increase falling to the ground.

“We choose up a hundred, in ~ least, at every bridge, every night, the end of seven neighborhood bridges,” Mackenzie said.

He said the refuge’s hospital tent housed 4,000 bats and detailed care until the pets were prepared to return to the wild. 

Bats beat a far-ranging role in Austin, whereby they frequently kill between 6,000 come 8,000 bugs a night. Crowds regularly gather to watch bats fly out from under the south Congress Avenue bridge after sunset.

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A crowd gathers in ~ the southern Congress bridge to clock the bats emerge at sunset. (Photo: Maggy Wolanske)

The Austin Bat Refuge website gives the finest times to clock the bats emerge. 

As greater temperatures come in the summer, the city is functioning to eliminate dead vegetation from the winter storm. Around 90% of Austin’s palm trees died during the winter storm. Your once-green leaves turned a dark brown.

Mackenzie claimed these dead trees offer as a habitat to the Austin bat population. He contacted the Austin Public works Department to support for protecting palm trees, which offer as a residence to two various yellowtail bat species, northern yellow bats and southern yellow bats.

have advanced over numerous years to be the exact same shade of this dead palm leaves. They are beautiful tiny bats,” Mackenzie said.

Austin Public works Department routine manager Lisa Killander said Refuge staff detailed advice for exactly how to spot bats and also remove dead trees in a method to protect the animals.

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“The reference is the the palm fronds it is in cut and also lowered one in ~ a time, so the the volunteer or the owner themselves deserve to go v the fronds and also get the bats out and relocate them due to the fact that they’ll be resting in the center of the day,” Killander said.