The chain is opting because that a more modern-day look, ditching the above tokens and robot performers in donate of one "All You can Play" model and interactive, light-up dance floor



The entertainment center chain announced a large remodel ago in 2017, but customers space finally starting to view the brand-new look nationwide. Through the end of 2019, over 80 locations will have actually been remodeled, a representative for chuck E. Cheese tells

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Chuck E. Cheese is jumping into the brand-new decade by revitalizing their brand and also axing some of their many iconic looks because that a much more fresh, “modern” figure — complete with a brand-new logo and color scheme, “refined signage,” interactive light-up run floor, and also brighter lighting.

They’ll progressively be replacing your tokens through an “All You deserve to Play” model, therefore parents can simply “load up” a happen or wristband with time and permit kids to play as plenty of games together they want during that period. That means more tickets and much more prizes. Plus, children won’t have to ask your parents for more tokens every ten minutes.

Perhaps the most shocking repercussion of the adjust is the leave of their renowned animatronic band, as previously eulogized by Father john Misty, in favor of a centralized dance floor whereby kids’ feet light up the floor as they move around.

Not all of their locations have actually been influenced yet, though. Till remodels start at a location, guests deserve to still go and also stock up on tokens and also enjoy the critical days that the robot performers.




“Our animatronics are certainly legendary and they lug up fond childhood storage for millions of adults and also fans across the country,” CEC’s entertainment chief executive, management Tom Leverton told CBS in 2017 as soon as the change was announced. “As we relocate forward, we think our live chuck E. Experience provides the ideal entertainment worth for kids, who have greater expectations the realism and also special effects.”

He also included that there’s a “strong hypothesis” that the robot performers will certainly be changed with live performers throughout the nation at some allude in the future.

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Kids will additionally be able to eat chuck E. Cheese pizza and also play their gamings in your own houses thanks to the brand-new pizza delivery box introduced last month that in reality transforms into a DIY, at-home version of the signature Alley Roller game. In addition, the chain will be dramatically improving their food and also beverage experience.

They’ve freshly been debuting brand-new menu alternatives for their more health-conscious customers, prefer a cauliflower crust pizza and also an countless salad bar with more than 30 items consisting of garden-fresh fruits and also veggies, meats, cheese, pasta salads, and more.

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Some funny menu enhancements like BBQ chicken pizza and also Unicorn Churros have been added, too. The churros come in cute unicorn cups and feature sugar-coated pink, green, and also blue churros that are flavored favor cotton candy, sour environment-friendly apple, and also blue raspberry, respectively.

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