The funeral procession of chairman Franklin D. Roosevelt in April 1945.

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Photo courtesy of the U.S. Nationwide Archives.

While every fatality creates the challenge of to plan personalized, systematic funeral and also interment solutions for the deceased, the fatality of a U.S. Chairman requires additional considerations no usually connected with a common funeral. This write-up details the most typical rites, rituals, services and also ceremonies connected in a state funeral following the fatality of a U.S. President.

A Brief history of U.S. State Funerals

Although that was not the very first U.S. President to die while still in office, the assassination of Abraham Lincoln on April 14, 1865, usually lead come the production of “state funerals” — the formalized rites, rituals, services and ceremonies conducted publicly that carry out an opportunity for citizens to both respect a fallen leader and also to express your grief.

Due primarily to the telegraph, developments in interaction speed in the mid-19th century allowed the Chicago Tribune to publish details around the president’s assassination the an extremely next morning (April 15), and residents of san Francisco knew around it through “lunchtime” that very same day. Thus, Lincoln’s murder prompted a national awareness and outpouring of grief in “real time” that motivated the federal government to begin formally accommodating the requirements of citizens by developing the public materials of what we understand today together state funerals.

On December 30, 1965, about two years after the assassination of President john F. Kennedy, the U.S. Federal federal government published “State, Official, and also Special military Funerals,” a codification the the many details and protocols to follow after the death of a president. The Washington armed forces District oversees this protocols today, through input from numerous government agencies and also the military. Not surprisingly, the state-funeral protocols for U.S. Presidents an outcome in a “very thick volume.”

In addition, in the late 1960s, U.S. Presidents started to produce their own funeral arrangements — one of two people while in office and/or after ~ retiring from the presidency — in stimulate to administer a tentative plan to monitor after the former commander-in-chief succumbs come the inevitable. (The media extensively reported in the mid-2000s that of every the living former presidents at that time, chairman Clinton still had yet to do so.) as of January 20, 2021, the still-living former U.S. Presidents consist of Jimmy Carter, bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barrack Obama, and also Donald Trump.

State Funeral heritages for U.S. Presidents

While every U.S. President, his spouse and other family members members eventually determine the final kind of the state funeral, over there are numerous rites, rituals, services and also ceremonies generally typical to the funerals performed for America’s commander-in-chief, such as:

• Timely, formal an alert of the death to every branch of the U.S. Government, foreign nations and also the public.

• public viewing of the (closed) casketed deceased in the president’s home state.

• move of the remains to the nationwide Cathedral in Washington, D.C., for public city hall of the (closed) casket.

• A funeral procession along Constitution avenue in Washington, D.C., with the transport of the casketed continues to be to a caisson in ~ the intersection of Constitution and also 16th Street (the suggest at i beg your pardon the White home is first visible). Indigenous there, the funeral caisson will carry the casketed stays to the U.S. Capitol.

• “Lying in state” in the U.S. Capitol Rotunda, whereby both the public and world leaders might view the (closed) casketed remains. Today, the president’s stays rest ~ above the exact same casket bier or catafalque that sustained Abraham Lincoln’s coffin in 1865. (Incidentally, william Howard Taft’s state funeral in 1930 was the last time a U.S. President’s casket was open while lied in state.)

• A formal national funeral company in the U.S. Capital, often at the national Cathedral.

• deliver of the remains to the ar of the last interment, came before by a personal funeral organization for household members, friends and other invite attendees.

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In addition, U.S. Presidential funerals can feature other symbolic rites, rituals and also services, such as:

• a riderless steed carrying north boots that allude backward, both of which featured prominently in the funeral because that President man F. Kennedy and signify that a collapse warrior will certainly not return

• a fly-over by military aircraft

• a 21-gun salute

• a distinct honor guard who members represent every branch the the U.S. Armed Forces

• honorary pallbearers

• police and military escorts

• many eulogies by dignitaries and also world leaders

Again, while the Washington army District oversees the plenty of protocols involved in state funerals because that U.S. Presidents, it is necessary to remember that the president, his spouse and also other household members eventually determine which specific rites, rituals and services and also ceremonies feature in the ultimate state funeral for each U.S. President.

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