Since being developed in 1980, the Phoenix-based Make-A-Wish foundation has come to be synonymous with fostering goodwill toward youngsters with serious illnesses. Anyone under the period of 18 deserve to petition the company with a inquiry for a trip, celebrity visit, or various other special arrangement. In nearly all cases, they’ll give the child’s great via fundraising efforts and the generosity of volunteers. An typical of one great is granted every 35 minutes. 

Take a look at 11 various other facts that aid illustrate just how these donors and good samaritans can offer an ailing child a factor to smile.

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Make-A-Wish began in the spring of 1980, when policemans at Arizona’s department of Public safety learned the 7-year-old leukemia patient kris Greicius longed to endure what it was choose to be a police officer. ~ seeing exactly how happy the made Greicius to wear a uniform and go on patrol, Arizona DPS officer candid Shankwitz and his other officers began the Make-A-Wish structure to assist others choose him.

In 1981, Poncho “Bopsy” Salazar became the first child granted a wish under their banner. Like Greicius, he was a 7-year-old with leukemia; the foundation arranged because that Salazar to hop top top a fire truck, visit Disneyland, and also take a ride in a warm air balloon. The story received nationwide coverage and led come a number of chapters opening up about the country.


Make-A-Wish tries come do every little thing in its collective power to fulfill the dreams of youngsters with life-threatening illnesses, yet they attract the heat at one request: castle can’t take it anyone hunting. Due to the fact that 2000, the agency has prohibited your funds or volunteer from facilitating a searching trip, citing security concerns and also protests from animal rights organizations. In 1996, the foundation was criticized because that helping a teenager realize his dream to shoot and also kill a Kodiak bear in Alaska. The organization additionally draws the line at any type of wish including firearms.

3. Half OF all WISHES indicate DISNEY.

While children have a variety of wishes they’d favor granted, the computer mouse seems to take it up a large part of your ambitions. Follow to Make-A-Wish, Disney’s theme parks, princesses, and other properties comprise approximately half of all wishes granted. V 2015, that method more 보다 100,000 Disney-related requests were fulfilled.


In 2014, a 5-year-old boy called Maddex came to the attention of the Chicago thing of Make-A-Wish because that wishing to ruin the city. To accommodate him, a film crew was assembled that enabled Maddex to dress up together Godzilla (or “Madzilla”) and stomp everywhere a small replica that the skyline. The five-minute movie was approximated to cost approximately $1 million in expenses and also donated time.

5. Castle SEND youngsters TO THE SUPER bowl EVERY YEAR.

Seats because that the super Bowl have the right to be practically impossible to come by, but Make-A-Wish’s partnership with the NFL method many wishers get VIP access to the stadium. The organizations have collaborated every year due to the fact that 1982 come make sure at least one is in attendance; 13 children attended Super bowl 50 in mountain Francisco critical year.

6. SOME youngsters DONATE their WISHES to OTHERS.

There’s no binding legalese that says a Make-A-Wish recipient has to keep a wish to themselves. As soon as 12-year-old Lucas Hobbs ended up being eligible for a wish after being diagnosed v stage-3 Hodgkin’s lymphoma, he determined to use it to pay back the Minnesota hospital that took care of the while he to be undergoing chemotherapy. He had a food truck park external the facility and took orders from patients that wanted other a little an ext tasty 보다 the standard-issue hospital fare. He also named a hot dog after his favorite staff member, calling it a “Perkins dog”after his oncologist, Dr. Joanna Perkins.

7. ONE KID’S WISH acquired A small OUT of HAND.

In 1989, 7-year-old Craig Shergold pleaded v Atlanta-based Wish structure International to aid him v his goal of breaking the Guinness human being Record because that most get well cards received. In ~ a year, he garnered over 16 million cards—and it never quite stopped. The flow of letters and also correspondence ongoing unabated, v chain letters urging others to front mail come Shergold expressing moral support for his battle with a brain tumor. Make-A-Wish was required to set up a unique hotline to notify the public that they had no authorized in the movement, which went on to optimal 100 million cards. In 1999, a healthy Shergold asked people to stop. Come this day, the structure has a page warning that any type of mail intended because that Shergold is forwarded to a recycling center.

8. YOU have the right to DONATE TO help FULFILL details WISHES.

For decades, Make-A-Wish welcomed financial donations there is no necessarily earmarking the funds because that any details purpose; donors wouldn’t be sure which wish to be funded by their generosity. In 2016, the foundation introduced Wishmaker, an virtual fundraising portal that allows donors to review personalized stories around wishers and also donate accumulation to help them meet their goal. The structure is hoping that individualized projects may aid in spanning the uptick in wish-related expenses, which now average $10,130, up 30 percent from 2010.


It’s surprising professional wrestler man Cena has any time to train or take bump in a world Wrestling entertain ring. The sporting activities entertainer granted his 500th great in 2015, ending up being the very first celebrity come cross the milestone in the Foundation’s history. (Justin Bieber comes in second, through over 250 wishes to fulfill him granted.)

10. MACY’S has DONATED over $100 MILLION.

Make-A-Wish relies greatly on the generosity of donors in stimulate to store the wishes coming. Retail gigantic Macy’s has actually done an ext than your share, donating over $100 million because 2003. Make-A-Wish estimates that your contributions have straight impacted an ext than 13,000 kids.

11. Yes ONE various other THING THEY simply CAN’T DO.

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Virtually something a child have the right to fantasize around is open up for discussion, yet Make-A-Wish draws one other difficult line beyond their no-hunting-or-firearms mandate: friend cannot do a wish for endless wishes.

If you’d choose to learn much more about Make-A-Wish or volunteer your time and also support, visit