While some airlines look come phase out seat-back entertain in favor of direct-to-device streaming, JetBlue is continuing to invest in display screens at every seat.

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The airline debuted that brand-new Airbus A320 cabins top top Wednesday, which executive Vice President and Chief commercial Officer Marty St. George said, “brings with each other technology, entertainment, and also comfort v the good service JetBlue customers love so much.”





One significant part of the brand-new cabin suffer is a 10.1-inch in-flight to chat system, complete with DIRECTV live channels, on-demand content and new gaming features.

The new in-flight entertainment mechanism will permit passengers come pair their handheld tools to usage as remotes or gaming controllers. They’ll likewise be able to pause and rewind live TV, like a DVR and accessibility destination-specific content. It will also allow each passenger to personalize their inflight entertainment, with the system capable of “welcoming castle by name or remembering where they left off in a movie/TV show in between flights.”

“JetBlue continues to be the only significant airline in the U.S. With seat-back entertainment display screens at every seat,” one airline spokesperson said Travel + Leisure in an email. “Our research shows that ours customers desire to multi-task just like they carry out in the lull of their home. This means watching a live sports video game or a feature-length movie while looking social media or catching up on personal or occupational emails.”

“By maintaining our seat-back displays customers can select to consume contents from multiple resources without having to assign their personal an equipment to one function.”

According to The point out Guy, the brand-new seat-back entertain will appear on every future aircraft added to the JetBlue fleet, i m sorry is set to include Airbus A321neos and also all brand-new A220s.

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Delta is one other airline that has actually made the decision to store seat-back to chat systems. Yet last year, American airline announced that it would start taking away displays in favor of a streaming system that passengers can beam to their own an individual devices.