After months and months of waiting, some of the people who lined approximately be among the very first to very own an all-new2021 Ford Broncofinally have their vehicle. However, because that those still waiting on your Bronco delivery, there’s bad news. On Thursday,Fordannounced additional delays room coming early to issues with theSUV’s molded-in-color (MIC) hardtop.

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In a statement toRoadshow, Ford claimed that hardtops currently in the wild carry out not accomplish its standards. According to the automaker, the problems are strictly cosmetic and do no pose a danger to safety and security or the vehicle’s functionality. No soft-top models room affected.

Ford will problem replacements for all hardtop Bronco models, nevertheless of whether they space in owners’ driveways, sitting on dealers’ lots, or in transit come a final location. If the auto is prepared for distribution at a dealer, buyers can take the auto home and receive a hardtop replacement notification letter soon. The lucky couple of already driving their Broncos don’t should take any type of action, together Ford notes it will notify them v instructions on the following steps. The automaker states it will certainly prioritize the oldest Broncos an initial and notes the the very first replacements won’t be easily accessible until October.

People still waiting for their Broncos come be developed are in for a bumpy ride. If the scheduled production day has passed, the auto is grounding in production somewhere, awaiting a new MIC hardtop. Ford says that these buyers will certainly receive much more information in September. Buyers v a future scheduled build date need to expect delays and also will receive an ext information in October. Finally, anyone through a Bronco no yet scheduled for production could be waiting until 2022 to get their vehicle.

This isn’t the very first time the hardtop has caused headaches for optimistic Bronco owners. The vehicle’s initial production timeline was pushed ago because of concerns with the top, though this time around, it shows up Ford will try to appease the buyers that have to wait the longest. Civilization waiting till 2022 to receive a Bronco will have accessibility to brand-new colors and alternatives and will obtain Bronco merchandise. Ford will likewise offer price protection to these buyers so that a 2022 Bronco won’t cost an ext than the 2021 design they ordered.

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Roadshowis the source of info for this article. That was accurate on respectable 12, 2021, however it may have changed since that date.