What is a GIA laser inscription?

Where to find the girdle that a diamond

The girdle of your diamond runs approximately the external edge between the top crown facets and the lower pavilion facets. It is the thin outer edge, separating the upper part of the diamond from the reduced section. The polished, faceted or bruited (matt) girdle has the number used microscopically. 

A GIA laser inscription provides the customer greater confidence once purchasing a diamond. Retailers should use this together a further selling point since not all laboratories laser mark diamonds in this way. GIA documents the rock under this number in their digital archive. 

The GIA engraving is invisible come the naked eye and difficult to view under 10x magnification to the untrained eye. Buyers who acquisition without consultation are likely to be unaware that the existence of the inscription.

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BRAND new SERVICE!! We now offer the choice to have actually customised wording lasered ~ above the girdle of your diamond. Please inquire for much more information on this bespoke service. Please keep in mind this service is only easily accessible on diamonds sourced via Serendipity Diamonds. 


Ahead of selecting the ring design, us can provide any GIA certified diamond housed within a ring clip and also presented in the same means as one engagement ring. 

Why is the GIA laser engraving useful?

Diamond merchants, jewellery retailers and manufacturers handle a huge volume the certified diamonds weighing listed below 1 carat.

Retailers often source selections of similar diamonds come show prior to a sale. This diamonds frequently vary for this reason slightly that they show up identical come the inexperienced eye. Comparable diamonds have the right to muddled, so, having actually a mechanism for checking diamonds ago into your parcels is incredibly important.

Example. Once a retailer reflects three diamonds – every 0.50cts in load – graded D colour VS1 clarity, E color VVS2 clarity and D color VVS1 clarity, the GIA inscription allows accurate to know of each diamond. Near identical diamonds are much less likely to be perplexed or mixed-up.

The difficulty with GIA laser inscriptions

We have already touched upon the microscopic dimension of the laser inscription. Tiny numbers attitude a difficulty for many people who don’t have the knack or trained eye while making use of a 10x loupe. Manufacturers, retailers and consumers need to have the ability to view your inscription, however the size provides this one arduous task. The inscription size needs to be microscope to fit discreetly top top the girdle and also to ensure the beauty, beauty of the diamond is unaffected.

What is the ideal magnification to watch a diamond inscription?

Based ~ above the magnification of the viewer we sell (see below), the magnification is 20x. That will constantly take a tiny time because that set-up to view the engraving but noted the number is not also faint, it must be clearly shows at this magnification. For most people, a conventional diamond loupe (10x) will struggle to provide enough magnification to check out the complete number.

Useful tools for viewing the GIA laser inscription


Purchase the GIA laser engraving viewer from our shop


A recent review of the GIA inscription reader emailed to us from our client in the US

If girlfriend would prefer to do viewing more manageable, we would certainly recommend the Laser inscription viewer. This comfortable well-constructed device works through a diamond held within a ring mount or ring clip. An flexible magnifying glass rests in ~ the finish of an eight which glides effortlessly about the external edge of the diamond permitting the user come scan because that the GIA inscription. As soon as found, change the lens because that a clear watch of the GIA number. It will take the user a small time to become acquainted v the viewer, but by making use of this instrument, the engraving will be readable.

As a bonus, the viewer consists of a understanding & arrows viewer for loose diamonds concealed within the human body of the scope. (Shown right here alongside the engraving viewer.)

Digital Microscopes for reading GIA inscriptions

Gemmological microscopes tend to be expensive. Furthermore, they are overkill in this situation unless you are a experienced jeweller. Us looked approximately to check out if there to be any new devices roughly the £20 – £30 mark that can be suitable. The following seemed very good for the price, and convenient due to the fact that it connects come a smartphone.


This affordable microscopic lense connects come a smartphone and could provide a method to catch the inscription image. 

Advice because that purchasing with a GIA laser inscription

If friend buy a GIA certified, laser enrolled diamond, consider the adhering to information.

1. In-store – ensure that your retailer has a viewer so that you deserve to see this an essential feature of the diamond. Plenty of buyers execute not require this level of detail, but some clients gain the reassurance the seeing your inscription.

2. If you decision upon a GIA certified diamond engagement ring v laser inscription, speak to your jeweller about positioning the diamond so that the number stays visible once the diamond has actually goes into the ring.

On a last note, if girlfriend are searching for a particular GIA certified diamond, us feature substantial catalogue of GIA certified diamonds on our website as part of our loosened diamond service. Some even feature traceability earlier to the mine the origin. (See our GIA CanadaMark range or contact about traceable diamonds or for aid on sourcing the perfect stone.)

Other types of serial numbers showing up on certified diamonds

GIA inscriptions are not the just number found on a diamond. Added serial number accompany different types of diamond. In ~ Serendipity, us specialise in gift able to supply diamonds that are traceable back to the an extremely mine from wherein they originated.

View easily accessible diamonds and also get GIA report copies and video clip in simply two clicks. Call us v your an option of stone you great to purchase. 

CanadaMark inscriptions on diamonds

The complying with image reflects the “Canadamark” serial number that accompanies the diamond from unstable to sleek stone. Look closely, and you can likewise see the GIA number reflected from the opposite girdle. Call us if girlfriend would prefer us to source a diamond with traceability back to the mine. Please keep in mind that all of our CanadaMark diamonds incorporate the laser inscribed GIA number and CanadaMark number.


Please ask united state about totally traceable CanadaMark diamonds obtainable at Serendipity Diamonds.

Inscriptions top top Lab-grown diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds and herbal diamonds watch identical, even to a trained eye. Because that this reason, human-made diamonds function a laser inscription on the rock to this effect. Perceived through our inscription reader, the diamond certificate number and reference come lab-grown show up on the sheet of the stone.

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We photographed the following diamond to present the inscription.

Please contact us if you call for any assist sourcing a lab-grown diamond easily accessible upon request.