Delta waiting Lines has actually made an amazing announcement as soon as it concerns inflight Wi-Fi today, which moves the airline one prevent closer to offering totally free connectivity.

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Delta will market Viasat Wi-Fi on 300+ planes

In June 2020 it was announced that Delta would certainly drop its exclude, contract with Gogo for inflight Wi-Fi (the advertising aviation division of Gogo is currently owned by Intelsat), and would rather shop around. We’re now seeing the results of that.

As that the summer that 2021, Delta will begin installing Viasat Wi-Fi ~ above its small body aircraft:

The very first planes to get Viasat Wi-Fi room newly yielded A321s, 737-900ERs, and also select 757-200sThe setup is because that over 300 mainline narrow body aircraft to function Viasat Wi-Fi, with avenues for extr aircraft to attribute Viasat in the future

Delta’s A321s will certainly be amongst the very first planes to get Viasat Wi-Fi

Why Delta is make the move to Viasat

In 2019, Delta do its intentions clean to work-related towards offering free inflight Wi-Fi to all passengers. Delta has already been offering cost-free messaging for all passengers due to the fact that 2017, but the airline wants to take it it a step further, and offer complimentary high-speed inflight connectivity at no cost.

Delta in basic invests much more in the inflight experience than American and United, therefore it’s not surprising to view that this is an area whereby Delta is leading together well.

There was only one major issue — after conducting some tests, it became clear the the Gogo 2Ku Wi-Fi Delta has installed top top plans simply doesn’t have the bandwidth come support complimentary Wi-Fi because that all. ~ all, consumption increases substantially when Wi-Fi is free.

With Gogo seemingly unable to fulfill Delta’s needs, the airline started looking elsewhere, i m sorry is where Viasat comes right into play. JetBlue provides Viasat Wi-Fi and also is able come offer free connectivity for every passengers, therefore that’s clearly what Delta is walk for as well.

Delta wishes to at some point offer totally free Wi-Fi because that all

Does that typical Delta will certainly offer totally free Wi-Fi soon?

Even with the advent of Viasat Wi-Fi, we shouldn’t mean Delta to introduce free connectivity overnight. That’s tho what the airline is working towards, however Delta will certainly initially proceed to charge for Viasat Wi-Fi.

I think that’s fully fair — if nothing else, it creates an inconsistent customer suffer to offer totally free Wi-Fi on one flight, but not cost-free Wi-Fi ~ above the next. That being said, ns take Delta in ~ its word once it claims that the goal is still cost-free inflight connectivity in the long-run. Clearly that’s a major motivation because that Delta do the switch here.

Delta will still at first charge for Wi-Fi ~ above Viasat equipped planes

Bottom line

Starting in the summer the 2021, Delta is do the gradual shift from Gogo 2Ku come Viasat because that 300+ narrow body aircraft. This is a step in the right direction for Delta’s goal of ultimately offering totally free inflight connectivity for every passengers.

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Viasat Wi-Fi uses significantly better speeds and bandwidth than Gogo 2Ku, so ns look forward to this continuing to move in the ideal direction.