From one vegetarian come another, I"m here to permit you recognize you can still enjoy fast food. Just due to the fact that burgers and chicken nuggets room the an initial thing that come to mind when we think about fast food, it doesn"t mean the food selection ends there. There have been many of time my friends have wanted to grab a rapid bite at quick food joints like Burger King, and also I"ve learned to get creative and do the many out of their menu. After ~ some extensive (and tasty) research, here are a few of my favorite vegetarian citizens King food selection items.

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1. Salads

Jenny Georgieva

Burger King"s side salad is totally vegetarian and also features tomatoes, cheese, and also croutons. They likewise have two various other entree salads, your Chicken Garden Salad and also Chicken club Salad, which you could easily take the meat off of. The veggies supplied in burger King"s salads space sliced fresh in-house every day!

2. French Fries

My favorite part of any fast food enjoy the meal is very sewing vegetarian. Ready in a fryer supplied for products containing wheat and also milk, friend don"t need to worry about any secret animal byproducts in your fries. 

#SpoonTip: If you"re worn down of just dipping your fries in ketchup, ask because that ranch dressing and try dipping your fries in it. 

3. Onion Rings

Once again, say thanks to goodness several of the finest fried food doesn"t save meat! If fries aren"t your style, try some onion rings. Citizens King has actually a ton of different sauces you deserve to pair your onion rings with for a bold combination of flavors.

4. Egg and also Cheese Croissant

Start your day off ideal with this breakfast sandwich. Egg, cheese, and also crispy croissant is the perfect meal to grab and go. 

5. Pancakes

Not sufficient time to upper and lower reversal your own pancakes? run down to her nearest citizens King and grab a ridge of flapjacks. 3 for 89 cents? Not also bad! Don"t forget the butter and syrup. 

6. Hashbrowns

Hashbrowns are the perfect next for any type of breakfast. Baked every morning and served warm, these bites of quality will meet your morning hunger and keep you full throughout the day. 

7. French Toast Sticks

Who knew burgess King had French toast? ns didn"t! yet now that ns know, ns am dice to try them out. This enjoy the meal is perfect for as soon as you"re craving something sweet to begin your day however don"t feel like cooking up breakfast at home.

8. Oatmeal

If you want a healthier breakfast option, or simply aren"t in the mood for a breakfast sandwich, citizens King"s oatmeal is the method to go.

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9. Veggie Burger 

You have the right to enjoy a burger just like all her non-vegetarian friends in ~ Burger King! The restaurant functions a Morningstar veggie citizens patty made from veggies such as onions, carrots, peppers, and olives. And rest assured, the patty is no cooked on equipment used because that meat or poultry products.

10. Various Desserts

If you have actually a craving for something sweet, burgess King is the ar to hit up. Their menu includes a wide variety of pies, consisting of a netherlands apple pie, a Snickers pie, and a Hershey"s sundae pie. They likewise have two species of cheesecake.

But the deliciousness doesn"t protect against there! burgess King"s menu also includes fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, soft offer ice cream, sundaes, and shakes. If you"re emotion adventurous, you might want to shot their Cinnamon Toast Crunch shower or Fruit Loops shake. They"re technically do of cereal, so the counts together breakfast, right?

Now you know which vegetarian burgess King food selection items you have the right to order, you don"t have to worry about what to order the following time you visit. There are a ton the meat-free options on the food selection that will fulfill your hunger!