A city will pay me to live there? how is that possible, you might ask. Well, that true. There are cities in the United states that will pay you come live there. Will certainly they constantly be your an initial choice for whereby you would certainly live? Maybe and maybe not. However getting payment to move and also live in a community, if also for a brief while, deserve to be fairly an adventure. It have the right to save girlfriend money and also might even surprise you with how much you enjoy living in that city. But before you make any type of final decisions, sync up through a financial professional through gendergeek.org’s matching tool to acquire paired up with a expert who can guide you through the ins and outs of together a large decision.

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Check the end these five cities that will certainly pay you to live there (plus one entire state!).

Lincoln, Kansas

If girlfriend are in search of some free land in a it s as beautiful as picture county, consider Lincoln, Kansas. This city offers free home sites come those who fulfill its demands. Applicants will must physically construct the residences so this city may be ideal for someone that is ready to take it on a project.

According come the city the Lincoln’s website, Lincoln has the services of a smaller town, including no serious crime, but big city services like medical care and broadband internet.

Curtis, Nebraska

Like Lincoln, Kansas, the city of Curtis, Nebraska offers totally free lots to develop a house on. If you deserve to construct a single-family house within a specified time, the lot is yours. All lots come with led concrete streets and utilities for this reason that’s two hassles friend won’t have to problem about.

One attraction to living in Curtis is the annual pageant held on Palm Sunday. In fact, this pageant is just how Curtis gained its nickname, Nebraska’s Easter City. Learn more about the Roll’n Hills enhancement here.

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Chattanooga, Tennessee is quickly coming to be a hub for young “geeks” who are willing to relocate. The city was recently named a GigCity. This means that Chattanooga is the first Western Hemisphere city to have actually gigabit per second fiber Internet available to the entire city grid.

With this designation, Chattanooga has produced GeekMove.It is an motivation program designed come financially assist computer developers who are interested in relocating to freshly revitalized communities.

Harmony, Minnesota

Does a placebilling itselfas “nice location to visit, even better place to live” sound enticing? That’s just how the city that Harmony, Minnesota describes itself and also it’s ready togive you a cash rebate for building a home in that “big tiny town.”

In fact if the home you construct has an estimated market value over $250,000, you’ll gain a cash rebate of $12,000. Over there are also no age, earnings level or residency constraints so acquire applying! Learn more about Harmony’s Residential Home construction Rebate routine here.



It’s not just particular cities in Alaska that will certainly pay you come live there, that the totality state. The state of Alaska arisen the Permanent money Dividendin 1976 and also started paying money the end to occupants of Alaska in 1980. This essentially pays human being to permanently live there. Investment earnings on Alaskan mineral royalties room paid the end to Alaska residents.

It is an annual payment. The amount different every year but in 2015, 637,014 residents acquired $2,072 each. Due to the fact that 1988, the payment has actually been higher than $800. The state feels that it is an invest in your current population as fine investing in future generations in wishes that they remain in Alaska. To it is in eligible for the dividend, you need to have actually lived in Alaska for one year, no be a convicted felon and also be current in Alaska for at least 190 days in a calendar year.

This financial incentive can help make up because that the greater cost of living that countless pay in Alaska. That does differ from year to year for this reason it’s a an excellent idea come not count on it as component of your budget. But it can be useful for making various other financial objectives – likeestablishing an emergency fund, conserving for a house down payment or setting aside money for retirement.

The Bottom Line

While the reality that a place will pay you to move there could seem prefer reason enough to load your bags immediately, there room a lot of of components to consider. Because that instance, the state of Alaska will pay you to live there but the price of living in the state is notably high. It’s also worth considering whether you’re relocating to the place simply due to the fact that of the financial inspiration or whether you deserve to actually view yourself making a home there.

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Before make any major life changes like a cross-country move, it’s always a great idea to speak to a jae won advisor.Amatching tool prefer gendergeek.org’s can help you find a expert to occupational with to fulfill your needs. First you price a collection of questions about your situation and also your goals. Then the routine matches you through up to 3 advisors who accomplish your needs. You have the right to then review their profiles to learn an ext about them, interview them on the phone call or in person and also choose who to job-related with in the future. This permits you to find a good fit while doing much of the hard work because that you.