Air pressure combat search and rescue personnel practice recovering a downed pilot. Through the assist of a new, compact rifle, aircrew shot down over opponent territory will have much more fire power, at much longer distances, than ever before. (Air Force)
The Air force isn’t necessarily recognized for its small arms programs, yet aircrews are about to get a longer range stand-off rifle to use if castle are ever shot down behind opponent lines.

The weapon is officially called the GAU-5A Aircrew me Defense Weapon. It’s a variant of the M4 carbine through a modification quick-release barrel designed by Cry Havoc, according to Maj. Docleia Gibson, an waiting Combat Command spokeswoman.

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“The and four complete magazines, 30 rounds , have to all fit in the ejection seat survival kit,” Gibson claimed in an emailed statement. “This has driven the measurement of 16 x 14 x 3.5 inches.”

That style gives pilots 120 rounds — around two magazines shy that a full load-out on a soil troop’s personal kit — throughout an evasion scenario.


This thorough report mirrors which M4 rifle architecture works the bestUsing a mid-length gas mechanism on one M4A1 carbine extends the life that the weapon system and increases the weapon’s power over a carbine-length gas system, a examine found.
The distinctive barrel architecture can apparently be assembled and fired in 60 seconds with no tools, “even in low light,” follow to Cry Havoc’s website.

The assembly does not need a user to heat up any type of tiny, hard-to-find gas accessibility holes through a gas tube on the rifle, no one does it call for a twist of the system. The rifle simply has a pair of fast releases where the barrel meets the main assembly.


The U.S. Waiting Force’s new GAU-5A Aircrew me Defense Weapon, fully assembled. (Air Combat Command)

Like the M4 carbine the is based off, the GAU-5A is a semi-automatic carbine capable of a three-round burst. It uses a traditional 5.56mm round through an effective selection beyond 200 meters.

“The is designed for every combat-coded ejection aircraft,” Gibson said.

That method it will certainly be consisted of in the survival kit of A-10, B-1, B-2, B-52, F-15C, F-15E, F-16 and also F-22 aircraft.

The GAU-5A is gift built and converted through the U.S. Air pressure Gunsmith Shop at share Base san Antonio-Lackland, Texas. In total, 2,137 weapons room expected to be fielded, Gibson said.


Air pressure commander: Russian S-400 missiles 'complicate' Syria airstrikesU.S. And also coalition airstrikes against the Islamic State team will continue despite Russia's decision to send progressed S-400 surface-to-air missiles come Syria, stated the command of U.S. Waiting Forces main Command.
The weapon is being produced at a price of 100 per week, but some tools are currently in use, stowed away on-board aircraft.

Prior to the introduction of this weapon system, pilots who discovered themselves in a downed-aircraft scenario were forced to depend on their personal sidearm for self defense.


Capt. Jason Morgan, 393rd Bomb Squadron B-2 soul pilot, radios in his place prior come his rescue throughout survival training at Whiteman Air force Base, Missouri. (Staff Sgt. Alexandra M. Boutte/Air Force)

Earlier this year, a Russian pilot’s Sukhoi-25 ground-attack aircraft was shot under over Idlib district in northwestern Syria. The pilot survived ejection, however died in an occurring ground fight v Syrian rebels.

Such an event is rare given the lack of air-to-ground weapons supplied by insurgent forces in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, yet it does highlight the threats these problems still pose come aircraft providing close-air support, specifically strafing runs, for friendly forces.

That peril was shown by a recent differentiated Flying cross citation for an A-10 pilot that dodged “accurate surface-to-air fire” while giving close air support for U.S. Troops fighting in Syria in January.

As the U.S. Military prepares because that an era of great power vain with an ext powerful state-level waiting forces, prefer those the Russia and also China outlined in the 2018 nationwide Defense Strategy, the hazard to aircrews might be return to the spotlight.


A-10 pilots receive medals for risk close strikes, gun runs amid anti-aircraft artilleryTwo A-10 Warthog pilots got the differentiated Flying overcome on may 23 for your actions in assistance of Operation innate Resolve’s mission to defeat the Islamic State the Iraq and Syria.
Kyle Rempfer is one editor and also reporter who investigations have actually covered combat operations, criminal cases, international military assistance and training accidents. Before entering journalism, Kyle served in U.S. Air force Special Tactics and also deployed in 2014 to Paktika Province, Afghanistan, and Baghdad, Iraq.

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