While tiktok is a wonderful app with millions of different videos to discover from, occasionally those “educational moments” top top the app remind me men have actually no idea.

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Take this video clip of acrylic nails. Until it surfaced, a terrifying number of men had actually no idea the the pain us go through just to have actually pretty nails.

can’t believe men didn’t know this exactly how we get our nails excellent LOOOL pic.twitter.com/x28BSV373q

— lina (
zachamela top top TikTok, has quickly gone viral. And I am truly ashamed in ~ how plenty of of the guys in mine life, or just civilization with very little understanding the the beauty, beauty world, comment “REALLY?!” when I sent out them this video saying that this is just how nails are attached.

I mean, COME ON.

I’m yes, really trying to give them some credit here, however this is just too lot for me to handle. Be! Better! I! Was! Joking!

Obviously, I understand lots of guys wear acrylic nails, and also do you understand what? This write-up isn’t around them because they are much better than this. They would certainly *never* think this absolute garbage and, for that, i commend them.

If you’ve made it this far and you’re quiet confused, no, this is not how nails room attached and also it is demonic to even suggest it. This is a exercise hand the is provided to assist nail technicians perfect your craft.

Obviously, anyone who has ever before had your nails done was rapid to allude out the stupidity here, you know, due to the fact that I’m fairly certain shoving piece of acrylic under your pond beds is legit torture.

smh proof that they never ever pay fist fr ????

— ???? ???? ???? ???? ????????????‍♀️ (
zisucks) December 12, 2020

Meanwhile, chaotic world chose ~violence~ and used the video as an possibility to additional confuse those who have actually never had their nails done.

sometimes lock yank the out as well hard and it starts bleeding but it’s worth it

— rio ^^ (
aerg1o) December 12, 2020

Why do guys think we gain pissed off as soon as we rest a nail or when they no careful around our hands?? Smh

— ???????????????????? | ???????????????????????????????????????????????? (
Sayajin_shojo) December 12, 2020

Y’all didn’t know this? Damn???? pic.twitter.com/qhYtwCDSvC

— ???? (
Simply_lay_) December 13, 2020

Just got mine redone 2 work ago, it does hurt more than simply painting your natural nails however it lasts lot longer. Look just how deep the lady walk them ???? you have the right to see wherein they begin under my skin pic.twitter.com/9KayouPDv4

— lazy ass (
jimmytoast) December 14, 2020

Anyway, that’s enough internet for me because that one day. If you need me, I’ll be obtaining my nails excellent (aka slid under mine cuticles in the most torturous method imaginable).

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