Since 1986, 5 Guys has actually been a family-owned business devoted to make the many delicious rapid food for your burger-loving customers. The restaurant was established by Jerry Murrell, who mother always told him that if he can make a great burger, he"d never have to worry about making money again. And she to be right. Today, the citizens chain which introduced in Arlington, Virginia, has actually close to 1,500 locations about the world and also is widely known for the hand-cut fries and also hand-formed citizens patties made through 100 percent pure floor beef. 

But although there are several delicious items on the menu that friend will definitely want to sink your teeth into, over there are various other things the you need to never try to order at a five Guys restaurant. From a level burger patty to few of the more creative items ~ above the menu, over there are just some things on the 5 Guys menu that space much much better left alone. 

The folks at 5 Guys take your fries seriously. The fast-food franchise stands out from the remainder of your competition through opting because that fresh, hand-cut fries sourced virtually exclusively from Idaho. And their dedication come making the perfect batch of fries has paid off. 5 Guys is same renowned for their burgers and also their very delicious fries. The Los Angeles Times Food ar ranked five Guys Number 1 on its official fast food french fried food ranking.

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And they have actually no trouble generously sharing every one of that crispy fried goodness through their customers. Together Taste of Home noted, five Guys workers space instructed to fill their client up v fries ~ above every order. When they fill up your cup with fries based upon the size of your order, five Guys employees dump an extra heap of fries on top which reasons a very delicious avalanche that deep-fried kindness in your bag. Together a result, the customer is left v plenty the fries to share through a friend. As Chad Murrell, kid of five Guys founder, Jerry Murrell told Food Republic "We constantly give one extra scoop. I say pack "em up and also make certain they gain their money"s worth."

If you"re dining with a big group, you might want to size up. Yet if it"s simply you — or even you and also one other human being — don"t order anything larger than a small Fries. It may sound a little wimpy, yet it"s much more than enough for 2 people. 

Don"t order a Bacon Cheeseburger at 5 Guys, unless you don"t plan on eat anything else because that the remainder of the day. As well as the fact that the 2 beef patties topped v a pair of bacon strips is a substantial pile of meat, the Bacon Cheeseburger is loaded through calories, fat, and also sodium and also is a burger that Cheat Sheet has named as among the Unhealthiest rapid Food Burgers in America.

According come Healthline, the mean woman should consume 2,000 calories every day, if the average male should consume 2,500 calories every day to keep weight. And also the American love Association says that adults need to limit their sodium intake to no much more than 2,300 mg every day. However just one 5 Guys Bacon Cheeseburger can put girlfriend pretty close to the limit. The burger consists of 1060 calories, 62 grams the fat, and also 1,310 milligrams of sodium, i m sorry is over fifty percent of the recommended daily calorie pin money for a woman, and nearly half for a man. And all this is before you even include toppings — which, we assure you, can conveniently make that number gain a many bigger. 

If you arrangement on dessert, fries... Or yes, really anything other than water for the rest of the day, skip this monster burger from 5 Guys.

For a diehard bacon lover, there are very few things the aren"t made instantly better by including the salty, smoky flavor of bacon. The powers the be at five Guys agree (maybe a small too much), and also think milkshakes are amongst those things that bacon have the right to breathe life into. Crumbled applewood smoked bacon is just one of the 10 toppings friend can pick to have actually blended right into your creamy treat in ~ no additional charge. But before you rush the end to stimulate one, think about what you"re really questioning for.

Although the idea of a bacon-infused milkshake might sound favor a delicious dessert, the fact of a mouthful of meat melt in your milkshake on a heat summer work is much less appealing. A Her Campus contributor thought adding bacon come a milkshake to be a great idea in theory, but found the existence of bacon bits inside of she drink didn"t live up to her early stage expectations, She described the crunch of the bacon bits as "off-putting." us would have to agree. 

Bacon on her burger? Yes. Bacon in your milkshake? please don"t.

If you"ve ever before experienced an order of 5 Guys fries, you currently know exactly how amazingly yummy lock are. However don"t order then plain — five Guys actually has actually a method to make them even better. If you"re looking come spice points up (literally), try an stimulate of the Cajun Fries instead. The fries take it the smell of the standard hand-cut five Guys french fry recipe increase a notch by including Cajun seasoning to the salt and also pepper the is used on the original.

The additional spices are sure to turn your level fries into a delicious flavor party for your mouth. But if you"d rather take points slow, you can order your fries v the Cajun seasoning top top the side. And also as Wide open up Eats suggests, there"s even another method to move up those tasty fries. Shot ordering her fries extra well done because that an added crunch.

In instance you to be worried, the people at 5 Guys are just as generous v the Cajun Fries as they are with the original flavor, so you don"t need to worry around missing the end on the extra scoop that fries in her bag. 

Vegetarian alternatives are normally pretty few and far between on a quick food burgess joint"s menu. But Five males knows that not all of their customers are searching for a grilled slab of beef, and also offer three meat-free sandwiches ~ above their food selection — the Veggie Sandwich, the Cheese Veggie Sandwich, and also the Grilled Cheese.

But although 5 Guys has more than one meatless option, several of them don"t also come close to stacking as much as their meaty counterparts. In fact, an august 2018 short article in Time the end Miami ranked the Cheese Veggie Sandwich as the worst article on the five Guys menu, and also described the structure of the sandwich together a "gloppy cheese tarpit." Yum. 

For a far better meat-free sandwich option, go v the Grilled Cheese instead. The an easy sandwich consists of a part of American cheese between a bun that has been turned within out. Like the five Guys burgers, grilled cheese sandwiches deserve to be customized v your choice from the toppings menu at no extra charge.

At 5 Guys, you"ll never have to worry around sacrificing the smell of your burger in bespeak to conserve money. Many restaurants will ask your customers to covering out a small extra cash for added toppings. Yet Five men customers can choose from a menu of 15 toppings consisting of onions, grilled mushrooms, and hot sauce that they can include to their plain burger patty at no extra charge. Toppings favor cheese and bacon room also easily accessible for secondary cost.

But don"t worry, it will certainly take girlfriend a lengthy time to shot every possible combination of flavors. According to The daily Meal, there space over 250,000 different ways to order a burgess at 5 Guys. Girlfriend can create a favorite go-to combo and stick with it, or try mixing things up and shot out a new selection the toppings ~ above every visit. 

With so many ways to dress up her burger, you"ll never have a reason to bespeak a naked patty again. So why would certainly you walk up to the respond to order a level burger? If that"s her thing, McDonald"s is much cheaper (and you won"t obtain weird looks native the staff).

One point that makes 5 Guys stand out from many of their burger-making counterparts space the complimentary containers of roasted shelled peanuts placed roughly the store. And also even if girlfriend don"t necessarily consider yourself a peanut lover, it"s easy to uncover yourself mindlessly munching ~ above the salty snacks while you wait.

You may love snacking on the peanuts at your local five Guys Restaurant, but no matter exactly how much you reap those braided snacks, don"t even think about trying to take any of them v you to eat at home. The cost-free baskets the roasted peanuts are certainly for the taking and are meant to be enjoyed by customers. Yet peanuts are among the few items on the menu that deserve to only be consumed within the restaurant.

According come the 5 Guys website, they ask that peanuts not leave the restaurant to stop the danger of someone who is allergic unknowingly coming into call with them. If you have actually a peanut craving to satisfy, carry out it at your table — no on the sidewalk outside. 

Chicagoans and new Yorkers might not be able to agree ~ above the ideal toppings to include to their warm dogs. As Delish mentioned, new York-style dogs are frequently topped through spicy mustard, and also onions or sauerkraut. Top top the other hand, a common Chicago-style hot dog is usually topped with relish, onion, tomatoes, and also pickles.

But what the two warm dog-loving cities have the right to agree ~ above is that a slice of Kraft American Cheese doesn"t carry out a totality lot to make their warm dogs taste better. In fact, it hides the taste that the meat — which is kind of the allude of the meal, anyway. Purists would argue the it"s not also real cheese, but pasteurized all set cheese product since it has preservatives. 

Because the slice adds over 100 mg that sodium to the continuous Kosher warm Dog top top the 5 Guys menu, it might be far better to leave it off of her dog altogether. And also as The Washington Post noted, a 2-ounce serving of Kraft American Cheese contains more than twin the amount of sodium 보다 the same size serving of the most usual varieties the cheese including mozzarella, cheddar, and also Colby. You"re far better off hold the cheese and loading up on veggie toppings instead.

It can be pretty tough to find a burger joint that doesn"t include ketchup, barbecue sauce, and mustard amongst its common condiments. Yet A1 sauce is a less than common sauce choice that can make you autumn in love through your 5 Guys burger almost everywhere again, and should definitely it is in ordered in place or barbecue sauce. The sauce, i m sorry is component of the Kraft household of commodities was made with steaks in mind. A1 sauce is a savory flavor mix of tomatoes, oranges, garlic, and other spices that is designed come lock in the humidity of the meat and include a an effective burst of flavor in the process.

But if the promise that a tender, juicy burger v delicious flavor isn"t enough to do you desire to switch her sauce, there space some nutritional benefits of swapping your barbecue sauce because that A1 as well. In fact, a straightforward one tablespoon serving will conserve you 34 calories, 8 grams the sugar, and also 120 mg of sodium in the process.

When friend order a burgess at 5 Guys, there are many ways you deserve to make it your own. You can order her patty through or there is no a bun. And you can select from toppings choose grilled mushrooms, pickles, and also peppers to produce yourself a delicious grilled masterpiece. Yet one point you can"t customize is how your burger is cooked.

You have the right to forget around trying come order your burger cooking rare, medium, or something in between. Follow to Eat This, not That, every one of Five Guys" burgers are cooked well done to ensure food safety for their customers. Follow to the USDA, raw or undercooked ground beef can contain attention bacteria, and suggests food preparation hamburgers and also other foodstuffs made through ground beef to an interior temperature of 160 levels Fahrenheit to mitigate risks.

Although some burger lovers will frown in ~ the idea of being compelled to eat their burgers fine done, they must appreciate 5 Guys" efforts to conserve them native foodborne illnesses. Don"t waste her time questioning for a bloody citizens — it"s no going to happen.

The food at 5 Guys might be delicious, but for world with peanut allergies, the restaurant can be a danger place. Don"t think you can just go in and avoid something containing peanuts — nothing inside of 5 Guys is safe. 

The fries, which the LA Times food section ranked together number 1 because that taste, space cooked in 100 percent peanut oil. Every flavor of 5 Guys milkshakes contains (or may contain) peanut products. And also not to point out the reality that containers filled v peanuts room located about the save for customers to snack on when they"re wait for their food to be all set — an interpretation everything has the potential to it is in contaminated.

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Considering the incidences the peanut allergy have an ext than tripled since the late 1990s, you might be wonder why the burger chain would select to cook with peanut oil in a time as soon as allergies are so prevalent. The company defended its usage of peanut oil ~ above Twitter, as a means to seal in the smell of the fries. Together an added bonus, peanut oil consists of no trans fats or preservatives, and leaves a "melt-in-your-mouth buttery taste," together Chad Murrell, son of five Guys founder, Jerry Murrell said Food Republic.