Image caption, mary Rich and also her husband, Joel Rich organize a photograph of their son, Seth Rich, that was murdered in Washington
The unsolved fatality of a autonomous Party operative ended up being political as soon as conspiracy theories took off on society media. Now, nearly two year later, one simple question has actually been left unanswered: who eliminated Seth Rich?

In the at an early stage hours the 10 July 2016, Seth well-off was make his method home indigenous a night out in Washington DC.

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The 27-year-old to be a digital campaigner with the autonomous Party and he stayed in the Bloomingdale area of the city, residence to plenty of young politicos hoping to make it big in the nation's capital.

Seth to be chatting to his girlfriend together he ambled the couple of miles residence from his favourite bar. In ~ 4:19 a.m. That told her he was practically at the door and also had come go.

Second later, gunshots rang out. Seth was uncovered lying on the soil a block native his apartment. He had actually two bullet holes in his ago and his watch, wallet and also phone to be all uncovered on him. There were indications of a struggle. Seth's hands and also face confirmed bruising. He died shortly thereafter.

The Washington police say that Seth's murder to be a street robbery gone wrong. The case remains unsolved.

But unlike most other murders, Seth's death soon ended up being a nationwide story, together conspiracy theorists latched on in the fevered environment of the 2016 presidential election.

The timing of the murder and the truth that he had worked for a political party instantly increased eyebrows.

Just weeks ~ his death, Wikileaks released 20,000 emails derived from autonomous National Committee computer systems via an anonymous source.

Seth's death ended up being the subject of a collection of conspiracy theories. Relying on the national politics of those speculating, Seth was eliminated by the Clintons or assassinated by Russian agents. Various theories dubbed him a closet Bernie Sanders fan, an undercover Republican leaking keys to Putin's Russia, or a patriot eliminated by a corruption establishment.

These theory - which were based on small or no evidence - started in the corners of the web on obscure websites and also blogs, yet spread promptly to Reddit, Facebook and Twitter.

Eventually few of them made it right into mainstream news - and were seized ~ above by supporters of Donald trumped to aid their very own political ends.

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It to be this chain of occasions that we sought to unpick in our movie Conspiracy Files: murder in Washington.