No. 1 particle Novak Djokovic was forced to default indigenous the U.S. Open up on Sunday after hitting a line main with a tennis ball throughout his ring of 16 match. 

The incident occurred after Djokovic smacked a ball ago toward the gendergeek.orgdeline, inadvertently hitting a lineswoman in the neck and also caugendergeek.orgng she to fall to she knees. Djokovic immediately walked over to the woman and also attempted to plead his instance with officials around the accident, however the people top-ranked tennis player to be ruled the end for the rest of the tournament. 

"This whole case has left me really sad and empty," Djokovic created on Instagram following the match. "I confirm on the present person and also the tournament told me that thank God she is emotion ok. I‘m extremely sorry to have actually caused she such stress. So unintended. Therefore wrong."

Djokovic had just reduce a video game in the first set versus No. 20 seed Pablo Carreño Busta in the round of 16 when he hit the ball out that frustration. Entering the U.S. Open, Djokovic to be 26–0 on the year and competing for his 18th grand Slam title. 

According to the U.S. Tennis Association, Djokovic will shed all ranking clues earned in ~ the U.S. Open and also will it is in fined the compensation money won at the tournament in enhancement to any additional fines. The USTA additionally referenced the grand Slam rulebook, stating Djokovic had intentions of "hitting a round dangerously or recklessly in ~ the court or hitting a ball with negligent overlook of the consequences."


On Sunday evening, Djokovic required to social media to apologize for his actions and also behavior.

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"As for the disqualification, I need to go ago within and also work on mine disappointment and also turn this all right into a lesson for my growth and also evolution together a player and also human being," Djokovic wrote. "I apologize come the U.S. Open tournament and also everyone connected for my behavior. I’m an extremely grateful to mine team and also family for being my absent support, and my fans for constantly being there through me." 

Djokovic tested optimistic for COVID-19 in June ~ participating in a tennis exhibition tournament. He shown in August that he would participate in the U.S. Open up after originally complaining about the U.S. Tennis Association’s plan to try to protect civilization from the coronavirus pandemic, v such measures as limiting the dimengendergeek.orgon of players’ entourages.

Djokovic's exit confirms the the 2020 U.S. Open up champion will be a first-time cool Slam gendergeek.orgngles winner, a feat the last occurred in 2014. 


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