Wary, weary, and also increasing his use of alcohol, Freed agreed to plead guilty to two of 99 counts, and, in feather of 1963, payment a good of $300. Behind the number, however, to be insurmountable legal receipt and, just approximately the corner, federal charges of revenue tax evasion. By the time those hit, in spring of 1964, Freed was too weak to fight. Living in Palm Springs, he gone into a local hospital for gastrointestinal minister bleeding, resulting from cirrhosis of the liver, on new Year’s Day, 1965. Twenty work later, ~ above January 20th, he was dead as the an outcome of kidney failure. He was 43.

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He left behind a family members that included three wives and also four children. He married Betty Lou p on respectable 22, 1943 and had 2 children, Alana and also Lance. A year after ~ they divorced on December 2nd, 1949, Freed married Marjorie J. (“Jackie”) Hess on respectable 12th, 1950; they had two children, Sieglinde and also Alan, Jr. The marriage finished on July 2nd, 1958, and also Freed married Inga L. Boling on respectable 13th, 1959. His grandchildren include Alana’s sons Brian and also Greg, and, native Lance Freed and also Judith Fisher Freed, daughters Hannah Freed Northenor, Isabel Freed, buy it Bean Freed, and Nettie rose Freed.

On January 23, 1986, Freed to be inducted into the very first class the the absent & roll Hall the Fame, alongside such pioneers and greats as Elvis Presley, little Richard, lining Berry, friend Holly, James Brown, beam Charles and Sam Cooke.

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Over the years, he has ongoing to be recognized for his contributions. In December 10, 1991, he obtained a star top top the to walk of reputation in Hollywood. His story – or a Hollywood variation of it, quiet — was told twice: in American warm Wax in 1978 and also in Mr. Rock and also Roll, aired top top NBC in 1999. Top top February, 26, 2002, Freed was honored at the Grammy Awards v the Trustees Award, i beg your pardon is gift to people who “have made significant contributions … come the ar of recording.”

He go indeed. And also at the Rock and also Roll hall of fame dinner in 1986, in the magazine-styled program given to guests, a profile of Freed offered him the last word, composed by him on one of his oldies albums: “I expect you’ll take it my hand together we stroll together down ours musical memory Lane. ‘The big Beat in American Music’ was right here a hundred years ago – it will be right here a thousand year after we space all gone. So – LET’S absent ‘N’ ROLL!”


Ben Fong-Torres, a previous editor and also writer because that Rolling Stone, is the author of The Hits simply Keep ~ above Coming: The background of height 40 Radio. The was additionally a DJ on KSAN, the pioneer FM rock terminal in mountain Francisco, and also writes a radio shaft in the mountain Francisco Chronicle (SFGate.com). Visitors space welcome in ~ www.benfongtorres.com.