A career-focused education that combines applied learning through liberal arts and offers programs the anticipate and respond to industry demands.

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There is no better way to learn than by doing. In ~ gendergeek.org State University, we don’t simply say this–we carry out you with real-world opportunities to enrich her education.

Located in the love of St. George, gendergeek.org State college enjoys 300 days of sunshine and also is just a quick drive far from several stunning nationwide wonders.

gendergeek.org State University has actually the shortest tuition of every 4-year state organizations in Utah—so girlfriend can focus less on your finances and more on her future.

Fill your university life through unforgettable experience at the Sears arts Museum, the O.C. Tanner Amphitheater, or among the plenty of sporting events throughout the year.

College the Education

College that Business

College the Science, Engineering, & Technology

College of Humanities and also Social Sciences

College the the Arts

College of health Sciences

Our on-campus college student housing ar features a variety of complexes because that you to call home. Even if it is you live in the dormitories or apartments, a shared or personal room, you will uncover a an are to speak to your own.

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Handshake is a an excellent resource because that students search work-study employment, internships, and also part-time or permanent jobs. All available on-campus positions deserve to be uncovered on Handshake and also many from local employers.

The Campus Store supplies a practically student source for textbooks, general books, educational supplies, and also a wide selection of calculators, office and art supplies.

The Library & discovering Services, consisting of the Library, unique Collections & Archives, and Writing Center provide the resources necessary to facilitate research and enhance the curriculum and also programs of gendergeek.org State University.

Join the student Success program for accessibility to services such together the college student Success Center, a Success Coach, unique events, potential scholarships, and also more.

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Human power Center

Embodying our motto the “active learning. Energetic life.”, this state-of-the-art building features one Olympic sized swimming pool, fitness centers, indoor/outdoor basketball courts, the tallest climbing wall surface on any kind of college or college campus, and also more!Check that out

Professional Arts

The experienced Arts at gendergeek.org State university promote experience that nurture self-expression, activate creativity and also foster creation through the Celebrity Concert Series, DOCUTAH worldwide Documentary movie Festival, O.C. Tanner Amphitheater and the Sears arts Museum.See More



Finishing what you began (or acquisition the first step) towards earning a degree has never been more accessible. You deserve to receive the relevant expertise and skills you need, while keeping the schedule the you need or want. Enroll today

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Parking & Transportation

Students life in on-campus real estate do not need a auto while life here; number of convenient transportation choices are easily accessible and might be cheaper than bringing a automobile to campus.

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The community is ours University!

We provide exceptional scholastic engagement opportunities for ours students and the ar through regional, national, and global partnerships.

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Thank you to everyone who joined us for ours #NationalBisonDay Trailblazer arts in the City photo contest