Super bowl champion and also executive producer Benjamin Watson go on a trip to uncover the truth about abortion -- a subject that has been at the center of cook debates because the passage of Roe v. Go in 1973.

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DirectorsChad BonhamStarringBenjamin Watson, Dr. Ben Carson, Dr. Alveda KingGenresDocumentarySubtitlesEnglish Audio languagesEnglish
Supporting actorsSenator Tim Scott, Carter Sneed, Dr. Kathi Aultman, Rev. Walter Hoye, Ryan Bomberger, more…Melissa Ohden, Crissy StanleyProducersChad Bonham, Elizabeth Kennedy Ryzewicz, Jason JonesStudioDeep C Digital, LLCPurchase rightsStream instantly DetailsFormatPrime video (streaming digital video)DevicesAvailable to clock on supported devices
AmyReviewed in the United states on February 17, 2021
I to be left emotion in awe that the humility shown by the documentary"s producer, Benjamin Watson, to no only existing views indigenous both sides of the abortion debate, but in how he treated those v whose views he (most likely) disagreed v honor and respect. The highlights the truth, that our nation has grown significantly divided, and also seeks to uncover the answer, what should we do to deal with the divisions that exist between us. Thought provoking and powerful, this documentary sheds light on an issue that is not "black and also white", but quite complex, v compassion come those directly impacted by abortion.
Mr. Cutting board J. ScullyReviewed in the United claims on February 10, 2021
Stunningly honest discussion on abortion in America; completely devastating,impossible not to be relocated by the no matter your an individual view.
Vera M MuirReviewed in the United claims on February 8, 2021
This movie is an moral look at both political parties of the abortion issue. Everyone need to watch it. Give thanks to you.

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gratefulteamReviewed in the United claims on February 9, 2021
patty4fernReviewed in the United states on might 10, 2021
The documentary to be well done, thoughtful and also informative. Together a pro-life advocate, i was motivated by the information presented, and knowing we should do much more to do our message well-known that us not just care about the infant in the womb, but for the baby and also family after the infant is born. We must train our youngsters the prestige of their education, and also marriage first, and also THEN baby. We need those who uncover themselves in one unplanned pregnant to understand that we are there because that them and also their family.
Fantastic! fine done Ben Watson! A should see! What will our kids say about this generation and that us let this happen! ❤️❤️❤️
This is typical pro-life non feeling .... They room failing to cite that ***MENTAL HEALTH*** IS a HEALTH issue .... As soon as a woman gets one abortion she is saying “I can NOT manage this!!” - in truth for decades in this nation women were willing to danger their own lives in order to acquire an abortion - yes, numerous women died from abortions .... They might not manage their pregnancy, it is in it a pregnant from rape, a controlling and abusive boyfriend, ***RELIGIOUS PARENTS*** etc etc etc .... Also life does NOT start at conception - one embryo in a test tube is ***NOT*** a baby, likewise these OBGYNs the they interviewed would be murders and would for this reason need to existing themselves come the police etc.... So clearly these physicians don’t really feel all the bad, ..... Also if they were that will on “not death babies” they would certainly teach safe sex to their kids instead that abstinence !!! ...... Ns ***DO*** have to provide him credit though because that calling the end the (well discussed and also documented) hypocrisy about not caring about people after ~ they room born, ie food stamps, Medicare etc in a tasteful manner that hopefully will obtain through to part evangelicals