FOOTLOOSE: Jean Paul Gaultier has actually joined the jury the the French execution of “Dancing through the Stars.”

The designer, who retired from the runway in January 2020, do his debut on the display on Friday alongside François Alu, a primary dancer in ~ the Paris Opera.

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It’s the latest small screen gig for Gaultier, a self-confessed TV addict. In addition to showing up on the long-running brother late-night entertainment display “Eurotrash” alongside Antoine de Caunes, he has additionally been a commentator top top the “Eurovision” show and was president of the “Miss France” jury in 2015.

The designer’s feather 2014 ready-to-wear display was an homage come “Dancing v the Stars,” through a judging panel including famous choreographer Blanca Li.


Jean Paul Gaultier, spring 2014Giovanni Giannoni

Gaultier will be join on the present by his longtime friend Dita Von Teese, who has walked in his reflects several times and also made a guest figure in his “Fashion Freak Show” in ~ the Folies Bergère cabaret in 2019.

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The U.S. Burlesque star, who has confessed she French is shaky, is among 13 contestants ~ above “Dancing through the Stars” and is set to make her an initial appearance ~ above Sept. 24. The display is ago after a two-year hiatus because of the coronavirus pandemic.

On the season premiere, singer Bilal Hassani blew away the jury through a contemporary dance routine that propelled him straight right into the next round.

The androgynous performer, who stood for France in the Eurovision Song challenge in 2019, made history by ending up being the first male contestant to run with an additional man ~ above the French edition of the program.

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Hassani is famous with Paris fashion designers and also most recently showed up in the video clip for Charles de Vilmorin’sfall 2021 couture collection.

It’s a busy fall for Gaultier, who additionally curated one upcoming exhibition in ~ the Cinémathèque Française that explores the function of fashion in film. The designer is an avid movie buff and also has costumed several films, including “The fifth Element,” “The City of lost Children,” “Kika” and “The Cook, the Thief, His wife & she Lover.”